Town Of Moraga

Marin Clean Energy Program

Town Council considered several actions taking steps towards the Town’s participation in a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program offered by Marin Clean Energy (MCE). CCAs are authorized by State law, and allow utility customers to choose an energy provider other than PG&E (or other major utility provider), providing options to purchase power sourced from a higher proportion of renewable energy sources. Contra Costa County is also in the early stages of a process to consider forming its own CCA. Expressing support for the CCA concept more generally, the Council authorized a Memorandum of Understanding with MCE that would continue to evaluate the Town’s participation, but did not take action to formally join the MCE Joint Powers Authority, suggesting additional time was needed to monitor progress on the formation of the Contra Costa CCA, and determine which program would ultimately be in Moraga’s best interest. For more information, contact Coleman Frick, Assistant Planner.

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