Town Of Moraga

Lower Rheem Boulevard Stabilization Project

The Town is coordinating with EBMUD and PG&E to finalize their utility relocation work prior to having the developer (SummerHill Homes) remove and repair the landslide affecting the Rheem Boulevard roadway and the reconstruction of the pavement. The utility agencies have caused scheduling delays resulting in deferring the construction until spring of 2016. Although the Town is frustrated with the utilities’ progress, delaying construction minimizes the predicted El Niño storm impacts and reduces inconvenience to the public caused by stopping construction during the rainy season and restarting next year. Once a construction schedule is determined, advance notification will be provided to all potentially affected service providers, residents and the general community. Additionally, signs and electronic message boards will be placed throughout Town advising of road closures for the portion of Rheem Boulevard between Fay Hill Road and 591 Rheem Boulevard.

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