Town Of Moraga

Livable Moraga Road Update

On May 14 The Town Council previewed draft concepts for Moraga Road, developed based on community feedback on key issues. The draft concept includes a continuous multi-use path, sidewalks and bike lanes, and intersection modifications to improve safety and traffic flow. Travel lane modifications are proposed for the area between Donald Drive and Corliss Drive, including reduction of the existing four lanes to three (two travel lanes plus a center turn lane) to accommodate trails and sidewalks within this physically constrained segment. Some Councilmembers expressed concern about this change on traffic, and the Council also requested additional study of right-of-way conditions, as well as more public outreach to obtain input on the draft concept, which the project team will continue to refine. The public will have an opportunity to review and comment on the concepts at an upcoming community workshop. The information presented to the Town Council is available for review at Livable Moraga Road.

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