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Livable Moraga Road Project Update

The Town Council-adopted Segment 3 portion of the Livable Moraga Road Project redefined a new striping reconfiguration on Moraga Road from Corliss Drive to Donald Drive to incorporate four travel lanes, a bicycle lane, and a bicycle/pedestrian multi-path with buffer strip within the existing roadway. Since that action, the Town secured a Transportation Development Act (TDA) grant for FY 2017/18 to install a concrete sidewalk to complete the link on Moraga Road between Draeger and Corliss Drives. The extension of the sidewalk to Corliss Drive eliminates the need for a shared bicycle/pedestrian multi-path in the roadway. This improvement allows for a traditional separation between bicyclists and pedestrians. By doing so, the Town has implemented an improvement to Segment 3 of the Livable Moraga Road Project. Implementation of the striping reconfiguration was completed as part of the Moraga Road Resurfacing Project. Watch the video for a unique perspective of the project.

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