Town Of Moraga

Keep Your Recyclables Empty, Clean and Dry!

RecycleSmart is asking for your help. Even though recycling goes through a complex process to sort and separate out all non-recyclables and contamination, inevitably some non-recyclables slip through. It is not possible to meet the strict quality requirements in this new era of recycling without everyone’s help. Topmost things everyone can do to reduce contamination in the blue recycling cart:

  • Place recyclables loose in the blue cart (do not bag).
  • Keep paper clean and containers empty, clean and as dry as possible.
  • Wipe food residue out of glass and plastic recyclable containers with a paper towel then put the paper towel in green cart for composting and the clean/dry containers in blue cart for recycling.
  • Toss food-soiled paper (like napkins and paper food boxes) into the green cart for composting.
  • Bundle clean and dry plastic bags inside a larger plastic bag.
And most of all…NO garbage in the blue cart! Visit RecycleSmart for more information.

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