Town Of Moraga

Joint Moraga-Lafayette 2019 Pavement Surface Seal Project

The Town and Lafayette are planning to prepare two separate surface seal projects this year with construction cost estimates of $1,400,000 and $500,000, respectively. Rather than individually going out to bid, the projects are being combined to achieve cost savings. The 2019 joint surface seal project work is scheduled to be completed this summer. The list of approximately 37 street segments totaling approximately 4.5 miles to receive either a rubberized cape seal or microsurfacing treatment will be posted on the Town’s website next month. SB1, the Road Recovery and Repair Act, requires the Town adopt a list of projects to be funded with the Fiscal Year 2019/20 allocation of $281,229. The Town selected Hardie Drive (Idlewood Court to Fieldbrook Place) from its list of proposed street segments to be funded primarily from SB1 revenue.

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