Town Of Moraga

Jeanette Fritzky Case Study Program

Bob Fritzky, President, Moraga Chamber of Commerce, updated the Town Council on the success of the case study program launched last year. Community business leaders and Saint Mary’s College partnered to engage business students in a hands-on learning opportunity to develop a business plan for the Rheem Theatre. The case study was a resounding success with five groups sharing their findings at a well-attended event in November 2018. The winning teams were provided prize money thanks to the following sponsors: Moraga Community Foundation, GI Logic, PGIM, Semifreddi’s, Tailor Brands, The Olsen Team, U.S. Realty Partners, Inc., and Wells Fargo. The 2019 case study will tackle a new business challenge. Current projects being considered are: Moraga as a premier hiking area, activating Hacienda de las Flores or online businesses’ impact on sustainability. See the PowerPoint presentation given at Town Council meeting on May 22, 2019.

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