Town Of Moraga

Insourcing Engineering Services - March 2019

To improve customer service and consistency in service delivery, the Council approved the creation of an Associate Engineer position and the hiring of in-house staff to handle land-use development plan check services currently performed by CSG Engineers. The Associate Engineer will also assist in implementing the storm drain operations and maintenance program, provide additional support in traffic engineering and should time allow, manage the implementation of minor capital improvement projects. The Town manages 34 consultant services agreements that total over $4 million annually. Insourcing a small portion of work currently handled by consultants will help stabilize the department by providing additional staff to meet ongoing and unexpected needs. The projected annual cost of $156,000 will be offset by additional revenue from developer deposits and a decrease in the amount paid for consultant services. This change in service delivery should not impact the General Fund. For additional information about this matter, visit Insourcing Engineering Services and Presentation.

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