Town Of Moraga

Holiday Safety

This holiday season, the Moraga Police Department (MPD) is reminding everyone to be vigilant in protecting themselves and their property. Thefts commonly occur during this time of year as thieves prey on easy targets, and with the recent passage of Proposition 47, the crimes carry lesser punishment, making the risk/reward more attractive for thieves. MPD has already received reports of mail and identity theft, so please try to arrange for mail and packages to be brought in as soon as possible. Track expected deliveries and try to personally accept them when delivered. If away, ask a neighbor to take delivery for you. Keep all doors and windows closed and locked; keep exterior lights on; use an alarm system if available; drive with extra caution; be aware of your surroundings at all times; park in well-lit areas; shop with a partner if possible; if carrying bags or purses, secure them tightly; and do not walk or drive while looking at your smart phone. MPD wants everyone to be safe and enjoy this special time of the year.

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