Town Of Moraga

Hillside and Ridgeline Update

The Town recently began the first round of public outreach for the Hillside and Ridgeline project, including Steering Committee meetings, a workshop, and stakeholder interviews on April 10 and 16. At the Steering Committee meetings, representatives of the Town Council, Planning Commission, Park and Recreation Commission and Design Review Board highlighted their goals and concerns regarding hillside and ridgeline policies and regulations, focusing on the need to clarify the existing requirements and reduce ambiguity. The public workshop on April 16 had over 80 community members sharing their concerns and perspectives on key issues including the nature and type of development in hillside areas, specific aspects of the existing regulations, the ability of property owners to exercise development rights, and the effects (positive and negative) of growth in the community. Summaries of each meeting are being prepared by staff and the consultant team to be published on the Town’s website. Another public workshop is anticipated to take place in early June. Please join the discussion on Open Town Hall at For more information go to

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