Town Of Moraga

Hillside and Ridgeline Project Update

The Planning Commission is conducting an ongoing series of public study sessions to review draft amendments to the Town’s Hillside and Ridgeline regulations, developed through an extensive two-year process involving the community, project Steering Committee, and Town Council. In general, the draft amendments strengthen rules to limit development in Moraga’s undeveloped hillside areas and to protect the Town’s scenic resources. The amendments also resolve conflicting regulations, clarify procedural requirements, and establish an updated fact base for Town decision-making. Three meetings have been held to date (on October 17, 19 and 27), with a further study session scheduled for Tuesday, November 1. At least one additional study session, as well as one or more public hearings to consider a formal recommendation to Town Council on the draft amendments will be scheduled in November and December. All meetings are webcast and archived on Livestream. Please visit the Hillside and Ridgeline Project webpage for additional information, including the complete draft regulations.

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