Town Of Moraga

Hetfield Estates Project Approved

On May 21, the Town Council voted to uphold the previous Planning Commission decision and approve the Vesting Tentative Map, General Development Plan, Conditional Use Permit and Hillside Development Permit for the 7-lot Hetfield Estates Project. The approval modified Conditions of Approval, providing more specific guidelines regarding the proposed fire trail (an unpaved, 16 foot access) on the project site. The fire trail would not be required at the time of project construction, but an easement would be dedicated and money would be set aside for a 10-year period to fund the fire trail, should it be desired in the future. The Conditions also call for studying an alternate alignment for the fire trail on an existing cleared Moraga-Orinda Fire District trail, which will be considered during the Precise Development Plan at a future date. The Town Council also modified conditions to locate some parking spaces closer to the proposed homes and not require street lighting.

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