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Happy New Year to All of Moraga!

We wish all Moraga residents, business owners and volunteers the happiest of holidays and hope everyone is able to share good times with friends and family. As we look forward to a productive, prosperous, and positive new year, here are staff’s top ten reasons to appreciate Moraga in 2015.

10. Off-site glare from Saint Mary’s College intramural field lights was significantly reduced by design changes implemented by the College, allowing residents to continue to enjoy Moraga’s starry nights, and students to enjoy late night use of the fields. 

9. Residents can now enjoy Town Council, Planning Commission, and Design Review Board meetings while drinking hot chocolate at home in their slippers by watching either the Livestream from the Town website or on Comcast Channel 26. 

8. The Town was awarded its third national award of excellence for our Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. 

7. The Town’s road repair program completed its first three years of expedited road repair, improving the average condition of the Town’s roads from a Pavement Condition Index rating of 49 (at risk) to 70 (good). 

6. The Police Department was at full staffing for 5 whole months in 2015, and celebrated its 36th anniversary on December 17! 

5. Council considered and approved not one, but two roundabouts on Saint Mary’s Road at the Bollinger Canyon Road and Rheem Boulevard intersections; Saint Mary’s College decided that if two were good, three would be better, and proposed one more roundabout at the College entrance as part of their conceptual master plan. 

4. In response to strong community, staff, and Council pressure, PG&E agreed to remove only the most critical 51 trees along St. Mary’s Road, a significant reduction from the 2014 proposal to remove over 200 trees. 

3. Saint Mary’s College (SMC) and the Town adopted a mutually beneficial Memorandum of Understanding for shared use of facilities so community members can sign up for a Parks and Recreation Department activity hosted at SMC and SMC can use Town of Moraga facilities. 

2. After two years of design and construction, the new Council Chambers and Community meeting room opened on October 28, 2015 and ALL attendees could hear every word and comment through the Town’s new sound system and assisted listening devices. 

1. After three years of sunny warm days and little or no rain, the Town of Moraga residents worked individually and collectively to save water, reducing our monthly water consumption by 50% from June 2013; 48% from July 2013; and 45% from August 2013. Thank you Moraga!

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