Town Of Moraga

FY2019/20 Operating and CIP Budgets Approved – June 27, 2019

Town Council approved an $18.21 million Fiscal Year 2019/20 Operating and Capital Improvement Program Budgets which includes a $10.24 million Operating Budget and a $7.97 million Capital Improvement Program Budget. The receipt of the $2.65 million Emergency Relief reimbursement for the temporary Canyon Road bridge enabled the Town to restore the General Fund Reserves to 50%. However, insufficient funding for infrastructure needs continues to be a challenge. To better understand the Town’s unfunded needs, the budget includes projects to: 1) identify any additional expenditure reductions based on the work of the Audit and Finance Committee; 2) quantify the Town’s current and aging infrastructure funding needs and shortfalls based on analysis conducted by subject matter experts on storm drains and asset replacement; and 3) conduct an unfunded pension liability obligation study. The major Capital Improvement Projects include: ADA and HVAC upgrades at the Hacienda; electric vehicle charging stations, skatepark, parking lot and basketball court improvements at the Commons Park; Moraga Road/Alta Mesa Crosswalk Improvements, Moraga Way and Canyon/Camino Pablo Improvements; Canyon Road Bridge Replacement; and continuation of the annual Pavement Management Program. See the staff report.

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