Town Of Moraga

FY2017/18 Operating and CIP Budgets Adopted by Council

After several public meetings to discuss the Town’s weakening fiscal condition, the Town Council adopted the FY 2017/18 budget, including $8.5 million for operations and $3.2 million for capital projects. To balance the budget, the Council had previously directed over $83,000 in cost reductions, including cuts in maintenance services at parks, grounds and public facilities. Unfortunately, these service reductions will have a direct impact on the community. While the budget is balanced for the upcoming year, there are significant concerns about the Town’s ability to maintain current levels of service and respond to future emergencies. General Fund reserves have been heavily tapped to address the Town’s two infrastructure emergencies - the sinkhole at Rheem Boulevard and Center Street and the Canyon Road Bridge failure. The General Fund reserve is projected at just under $1.6 million at the close of the FY 2017/18 fiscal year, leaving the Town in a state of fiscal emergency. The very lean operating budget and reduced reserves leave no flexibility to plan for or address deferred asset/infrastructure needs, unanticipated events, or emergencies.

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