Town Of Moraga

FY 2017/18 Operating and Capital Improvement Program Budgets

The Town Council reviewed the preliminary FY 2017/18 operating budget and capital program. The $8.5 million operating budget is balanced with a small anticipated annual surplus (approximately $58,000) and the capital improvement program is $3.2 million. The budget was formed by Town Council goals, community priorities, and citizen input. The budget proposal continues the Town’s tradition of fiscal prudence by providing services at the lowest cost per capita of comparable municipalities; incorporates $83,000 in service reductions and other cost-saving operational streamlining; and new agreements with labor groups which include cost-of-living adjustments and other cost containment measures, such as increased pension cost-sharing. This budget discussion was the latest in a series of public meetings focused on the Town’s budget, fragile fiscal condition, and diminishing availability of reserves. The minor budget adjustments requested by the Town Council at this meeting will be incorporated into the final budget document and presented for consideration and adoption at the June 28, 2017 regular meeting.

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