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Final Phase of 2014 Pavement Project Begins

Residents have questioned why there has been a time lag between the paving preparation work (base repair, grinding, concrete work, etc.) and the paving operation. The project is composed of distinct phases of work: (1) base repairs, grinding, crack sealing, and concrete repairs; (2) paving; and (3) raising utilities and striping. The first phase of work must be completed prior to paving and the last phase must be completed after paving on all 28 streets within the project. This can create the appearance of a time lag between initial phases and paving, particularly if your street had base repairs and grinding done early in the process. If each street was completed in its entirety, the construction costs would increase significantly for the same amount of work which would dramatically decrease the number of streets the Town could pave.
This sequencing cannot be avoided given this type of project. The Town determined that rubberized asphalt concrete instead of conventional asphalt concrete would be the best approach for this year’s project because the product will perform twice as long, divert 12,000 scrap tires from landfills, further retard reflective cracking from emerging, stay black longer with less fading, improve skid resistance, and dampen vehicular traffic sound.
The higher-quality rubberized asphalt concrete is not produced every day at asphalt plants and the plant has to mobilize a whole operation in order to have rubberized asphalt concrete available. That is why all 28 street segments need to be paved together rather than one at a time. Paving throughout the Town is scheduled to take approximately three weeks beginning September 19 and finishing October 10, 2014, weather permitting, in which the Town will place 15,000 tons of asphalt.
For more information, visit the Town's website; the Facebook page; or the Twitter account. The Project Construction Manager, Mary Erchul, is also available for any construction related questions at or (949) 528-5731.
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