Town Of Moraga

Declaration of Fiscal Emergency

A Special Town Council meeting was held on August 8 to discuss the Town’s Declaration of Fiscal Emergency. Prior to the meeting, the public was encouraged to submit written questions for staff to answer. A staff report was presented documenting the events and conditions that led to the declaration being included in the Town’s FY 2017/18 balanced budget that was approved by Council on June 28. The report addressed many community concerns and included several links and attachments to supplement the information, including the list of the 47 questions submitted and the answers from staff. Every member in attendance was provided two opportunities to ask questions, state their concerns, and have a dialogue with the Council and staff. The meeting has been watched by 382 viewers and is available at Livestream. Visit the Fiscal Emergency webpage to view the June 28 staff report, supplemental information and the Fiscal Emergency Presentation.

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