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Crosswalk Improvement Proposals

In July 2009 the Town received a grant through the Transportation Development Act to improve crosswalk safety on Moraga Rd. at the Corliss Dr. and Woodford Dr. intersections. The initial plan included in-pavement pedestrian activated lights and was approved by the Traffic Safety Advisory Committee (TSAC) and the Town Council. As the project developed, the Town’s traffic engineers recommended using warning lights on poles rather than in-pavement lights at both intersections, and also recommended changing the location of the Woodford Dr. crosswalk to the south side of the intersection. Staff felt these changes should be shared publicly at the March 7 TSAC meeting and at another community meeting on March 15th. All comments and recommendations will be presented to the Council at the March 28 meeting. Everyone is encouraged to review the Presentation on proposed crosswalk improvements from the March 15th workshop, and to send your comments to .

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