Town Of Moraga

Crosswalk Designs Approved on Moraga Road at Corliss and Woodford

On Wednesday, March 28, the Town Council reviewed and considered two revised designs for crosswalks on Moraga Road. The crosswalks were initially planned and designed after the Town received a grant from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission in 2009. Drainage and design changes to reduce costs led to the crosswalks being changed enough that staff felt the community should be reintroduced to the plans before construction this summer. The crosswalks no longer have in-pavement flashing lights since the revised flashing beacons are now considered more effective. Based on Council direction, the crosswalks will have bulb outs and traditional curbs rather than plastic loaves to delineate the pedestrian areas. The locations of the crosswalks will remain in their current locations on the north side of Woodford and the south side of Corliss.

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