Town Of Moraga

Community Needs and Priorities Survey

Town Council received a report on the results of a Community Needs and Priorities Survey from Godbe Research. The survey, which included a representative sample of just over 400 Moraga voters, asked respondents to rate various aspects of quality of life, and assess levels of satisfaction and importance of various Town services and infrastructure, as well as issues like growth management. The survey also polled respondents on how they access information about the Town, and participation in Town-sponsored and other events. The survey indicated a high level of satisfaction with the overall quality of life in Moraga, as well as impressive levels of participation in community events and engagement with the Town through the Town’s website and About Town newsletter, local press, and social media (especially Among the items that were identified as both important and in need of improvement, were repairing and maintaining infrastructure such as storm drains and streets; and managing growth, particularly development in hillside areas. The survey will assist the Town Council as they consider spending priorities in future budget cycles, and to evaluate and develop longer-term funding strategies to address Moraga’s most critical needs.

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