Town Of Moraga

Community Meeting Room Design Approved by Council

On Wednesday, July 13 the Town Council voted 4-1 to move forward with the design and construction documents for carving a new community meeting room out of the second floor office space at 329 Rheem.  This change in the remodeling plans will be completed next summer/fall along with two other projects previously approved for the building.  One project is the second phase of a seismic retrofit of the building that will complete the work to make  the Police Station operational in the event of an emergency and create an Emergency Facilities Center as a dual use of the meeting room.  The second project will add solar panels on the roof of the building that can be completed with an incentive loan and rebate program.  The new community meeting room the Council selected will seat 105 attendees and extend the east wall of the second floor out six feet, adding less than $200,000 to the project.  The Council will consider bids on the project in the spring.

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