Town Of Moraga

Citizens Gather to Form Moraga Community Foundation

Approximately 75 Moraga residents and supporters met on Tuesday evening, June 23, and heard success stories on how both Lafayette and Orinda Community Foundations were formed to support numerous community projects. Citizens are forming a Community Foundation to raise funds to support a broad range of existing and new projects starting with saving the New Rheem Theatre. Attendees discussed the need for both short-term operational funding to cover an increase in rent and a long-term goal of potentially purchasing the theatre. Orchestrated by Andy Scheck, the Moraga Community Foundation (MCF) has a State-approved entity name and has applied for non-profit status. In the meantime, the Lafayette Community Foundation has set up a separate fund for Moraga to use to accept donations. The following newly-selected board members: Edy Schwartz, Sam Sperry, Bob Fritzky, Bob Moore, Maridel Moulton, Rob Lucacher and Andy Scheck have each committed to personal annual financial support and Foundation fund raising to enhance the quality of life in Moraga and to support a wide variety of community groups and activities.

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