Town Of Moraga

Canyon Road Bridge Update - October 13, 2017

On September 28, the Town received four competitive bids to prepare the site, install abutments and landslide protection piers, and erect a Town-rented temporary one-lane bridge. Myers & Sons was the lowest bidder; however, the bid was still significantly higher than the project budget. Currently, the construction market is rife with other storm-related projects qualified for Federal disaster relief which is inflating all construction costs. On October 12, Town Council held a special meeting to allocate an additional $1.23 million to fund the construction contract and other necessary expenses. Myers & Sons specializes in bridge and emergency projects and has begun mobilizing equipment to start work. They have installed erosion control and environmental protection measures and have started excavation for the bridge abutments. Starting next week, drilling and pouring of concrete bridge supports will begin. Barring further delays, the bridge is still projected to open in late November.

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