Town Of Moraga

Canyon Road Bridge Reopening Update - June 29, 2017

The Canyon Road bridge is expected to reopen for traffic in late September or early October 2017. The bridge reopening is a very complex project requiring extensive environmental approval and permitting to work over Moraga Creek, a natural habitat for multiple endangered species. The major project tasks and milestones include: obtaining environmental clearances and permitting from nine different agencies; protecting and maintaining flows in the creek; obtaining right-of-way from EBMUD for placement of the temporary bridge; relocating major fiber optic telecommunication lines from the bridge to a new conduit bored deep under Moraga Creek; constructing multiple 50 foot deep reinforced concrete pilings to protect bridge abutments on the southern side against future land movement; constructing a new 150 foot one-lane, long span bridge and roadway transitions to the bridge; and lastly, installing a traffic light system to control one-way traffic across the bridge.

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