Town Of Moraga

Canyon Road Bridge Reopening Plans Underway (June 19, 2017)

The health and safety of Moragans and members of the public who utilize the Town’s streets, roadways, and public facilities is of the utmost priority to the Town. The Town Council received a detailed presentation on the alternatives for reopening Canyon Road Bridge and directed staff to proceed with the recommended alternative to install a temporary emergency one-lane bridge with southern abutment protections from the landslide that caused the damage. Click here to see the presentation. This plan was accepted because it has the shortest duration to reopen (four months), has the lowest cost (estimated at $2.06 million), is eligible for federal emergency funds (if approved), and has the lowest risk level. Due to the nature and magnitude of this issue, coupled with the Town’s limited resources, the Town is seeking federal funding sources to address this project and will be continuing to pursue emergency grant funding to reimburse the dwindling general funds that Town Council appropriated to start the emergency work.

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