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Canyon Road Bridge Closure – April 2020

The construction of the Canyon Road bridge has begun and is moving into a new phase that will require the closing of the road Monday-Saturday from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm., beginning on Monday, May 4th. These times were set up to allow early morning and late afternoon travel through the area to reduce the impact upon residents. The Town is also taking advantage of the reduced traffic flows on Canyon Road due to the shelter-in-place requirements and school closures.

The Town considered a number of traffic options during the construction period to ensure the safety of the construction workers, motorist safety, and the efficient construction of the project. Although the closure of Canyon Road, even for a portion of the day, was not the original plan, after Town staff examined the area with the contractor and observed the tight, compact area in which the construction is occurring, Town staff decided that the road closure option is the safest for both motorists and the construction workers and should allow the work to be done as quickly as possible, hopefully reducing the impact on residents. The Town will continuously monitor the road closure and the need for the road closure throughout the project, making adjustments or ending the closure when appropriate. The Town has also developed a system to expedite emergency vehicles through the area by notifying the construction crew if police, fire, or EMS units are responding to an emergency on the west side of the bridge. Once they are notified, the crew will open the roadway for emergency vehicles without delay. Moraga Police is coordinating this with the Moraga-Orinda Fire District, the Sheriff’s Office and other emergency services agencies in the area. For current updates, please check the Town’s Canyon Road Bridge webpage regularly.

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