Town Of Moraga

Camino Ricardo Subdivision Approved

On January 6, the Planning Commission approved the Camino Ricardo project, a 26-unit single family residential subdivision within the Moraga Center Specific Plan Area. In addition to the 26 high-quality homes that will bring new property tax revenues to the Town, the project includes a number of public benefits, including dedication of a 2.5 acre public open space area, a public “outlook point” within the subdivision, and pedestrian improvements that support the goals and policies of the Moraga Center Specific Plan. The Commission debated the location of one of the two proposed pedestrian bridges that would connect from the open space area across Laguna Creek, and directed that alternate locations further south within the project area be analyzed and brought back for approval at a later date. The Commission also recommended approval of a Development Agreement with SummerHill Homes, the project applicant, which will be considered by the Town Council in February.

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