Town Of Moraga

329 Rheem Boulevard Remodel Begins

Plans have been drafted and schedules developed to do a minor remodel of the Town offices at 329 Rheem Boulevard in order to move Finance staff out of the Hacienda. Only Parks and Recreation will remain in the Hacienda. This reflects the Council direction to spend minimal funds to relocate all staff into 329 Rheem Boulevard and set up the old apparatus bay at 331 Rheem Boulevard for a community meeting room and Field Operations Center (FOC). The Moraga-Orinda Fire District’s Emergency Preparedness Coordinator visited the future site of the Town’s FOC and was extremely pleased with the existing layout. The old fire station rooms, kitchen, and large meeting space will work well in an emergency. Minor work at 329 Rheem Boulevard will begin in a few weeks including some additional doors, a Planning counter and a coat of fresh paint. Staff will be relocating this fall.

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