Town Of Moraga

2015 Pavement Reconstruction Project Update

Six out of the ten street segments in the project plan still need to receive a final top layer of Rubberized Hot Mix Asphalt (RHMA). Unfortunately, due to issues beyond the Town’s and contractor’s control, the availability of RHMA has been severely impacted. Caltrans now must more than double “crumb rubber” usage in their paving projects or forfeit transportation funding. The contractor now estimates that asphalt plants will be available for the Town’s project in late September/early October and will notify residents at least three days in advance of when final paving will occur. To minimize impacts during this delay, temporary tapers (transitional asphalt ramps) will be in place to transition from the current pavement grades to existing street grades, curb ramps, and driveways. Please continue to heed the temporary traffic control measures such as reduced speed limits due to uneven shoulders until final paving is complete.

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