Town Of Moraga

$2.65 Million FHWA Emergency Relief Reimbursement

The Town’s is scheduled to receive $2.65 million from the Federal Highway Administration Emergency Relief in reimbursement for the temporary Canyon Road bridge project prior to fiscal year end, June 30, 2019. $1 million will be used to repay a loan from the One-Time Developer Fees Fund (Palos Colorados). The remaining $1.65 million will repay a General Fund loan. $745,000 is needed to restore the General Fund reserve to the Town Council’s goal of 50%. The Council discussed how to best allocate the $825,000 in one-time funding to priority projects and directed staff to: fund a 2019 Storm Drain Master Plan Update and the Bollinger Valley Study Area General Plan amendment and rezone; contribute to the Storm Drain Operations and Maintenance program; and allocate $255,000 to the Asset Replacement Fund to start to address the backlog of projects.

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