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As news is pertinent to the community at large and available, we will post news items on this page.
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RFQ/RFP for Construction Engineering Services
(April 15, 2016) The Town of Moraga Public Works Department/Engineering Division is seeking firms with licensed professional civil engineers to provide on-call construction engineering, constructi.. Read more

Town Council Appoints Commission, Committee and Board Members
The Town Council recently interviewed candidates for various boards and commissions and have made the following appointments: Planning Commission – Kymberleigh Korpus, Ferenc Kovac, Christine Ku.. Read more

Fiscal Year 2016/17 Budget Update
Town staff continues to work on development of the FY 2016/17 budget with a focus on long-term fiscal sustainability. The original Town Council’s minimal government philosophy fixed property tax.. Read more

Moraga Police Surveillance Cameras
After receiving a report from Moraga Police Department (MPD) staff at the recent Town Council meeting on March 9, 2016, Town Council gave direction to MPD staff to seek bids for the purchase and insta.. Read more

Joint Moraga-Lafayette Surface Seal Project
The Council approved an agreement with the City of Lafayette to partner in a joint surface seal project. The Town and Lafayette were planning to prepare two separate surface seal projects this year. R.. Read more

Bollinger Valley EIR Consultant Contracts
The Town Council approved changes to contracts with two consulting firms to allow for completion of the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) for the proposed Bollinger Valley development project. .. Read more

Development Impact Fee Update (2016 Nexus Study)
Town Council considered an update to the Town’s development impact fees, which are charged to new development to offset impacts on Town facilities and infrastructure including parks, public safe.. Read more

Marin Clean Energy Program
Town Council considered several actions taking steps towards the Town’s participation in a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program offered by Marin Clean Energy (MCE). CCAs are authorized by .. Read more

Letter of Opposition to Senate Bill 876 (LIU)
Town Council gave direction to send a letter ( opposing SB 876 (Liu)-Homelessness (http:.. Read more

Newest Addition to Public Works
KC Bowman joined the Public Works staff and the Town of Moraga employee team in February as an Assistant Engineer. KC is a graduate from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in civil engineering and.. Read more

Hetfield Estates Subdivision Map Extension
Town Council approved a 2 year extension of the Vesting Tentative Map for the Hetfield Estates Subdivision. The project, a 7-lot single-family residential development located off Hetfield Place was ap.. Read more

January Theft Statistics
The Moraga Police Department (MPD) compiled January 2016 theft statistics and found fewer thefts reported than in January 2015, with 3 thefts reported this year compared to 10 in 2015. Additionally, n.. Read more

Moraga Trails Map
The Park and Recreation Commission requested the Council to authorize up to $25,500 for a consultant to update and improve trail mapping for Moraga’s trails. After a lengthy discussion, the Coun.. Read more

Palos Colorados Processing Agreement
The Town Council approved an agreement with the developer of Palos Colorados, a residential development project for 123 single-family homes south of Sky Hy, for processing future grading authorization.. Read more

Moraga Center Specific Plan Zoning
The Town Council received an informational report on implementation of the Moraga Center Specific Plan (MCSP). The report presented a “Vision Concept” that provides a framework for zoning .. Read more

Town Council Goals for 2016 Finalized
The Council formally accepted 13 Town Council and Community Goals for 2016 ( The list of these goals can be viewed at Council Goals 2016.. Read more

Campolindo Football Team Honored
The Town Council declared February 10, 2016 as “2015 Campolindo High School Varsity Football Team Day” honoring their season of accomplishments. The team won its fifth consecutive Diablo F.. Read more

Crosswalks and School Buses
The Town Council established fees for use of the new Town Council Chambers / Community Meeting Room. Starting April 10, 2016, groups or organizations can rent the Town’s newest facility located .. Read more

Development Impact Fees
The Town Council opened the public hearing for the 2016 Comprehensive Development Impact Fee Update and, following staff’s recommendation, continued the item to the Town Council meeting on Febru.. Read more

Lamorinda Development Traffic Mitigation Fee Program
The Town Council voted unanimously to adopt the updated Nexus Study and traffic impact fee program for the Lamorinda Fee and Financing Authority (LFFA), and related amendments to the LFFA Joint Exerci.. Read more