Town Of Moraga

Rheem Boulevard Landslide Repair and Repaving Schedule
Due to scheduling issues, contractor availability, and weather, the scheduled opening of Rheem Boulevard has been delayed once again, this time until January 20, 2017. The delays in opening the roadway relate to design changes, schedule and contractor availability issues. Two large delays that occurred were due to changing the landslide repair plan from an earthwork solution, where the entire roadway and underlying slides would have been excavated and put back in engineered compacted lifts. The new landslide repair method that was constructed consists of (click title for full story)
Veterans Day Celebration
On Friday, November 11, beautiful weather graced the annual community celebration to honor our nation’s veterans at the Moraga Commons Park. The event was hosted by local Boy Scout Troops 212, 234, 246, and 249 and coordinated by Scoutmaster Wendell Baker. Retired USN Captain John Haffner emceed the event and was joined by USN Chaplain Lt. Bill Sperry (pictured right with Sam Sperry left) who provided the invocation and benediction. The event was attended by (click title for full story)
Update on PG&E Closure Around Sinkhole
Prior information from PG&E has been changed, with a new start date of today, November 14, for gas repair work in the intersection of Rheem Boulevard and Center Street. The gas line will be permanently rerouted in preparation for, and to avoid conflicts, during next year’s Sinkhole culvert replacement. To accommodate PG&E’s work, the intersection will be closed to traffic on a few occasions during the month of November, weather dependent. The Town will provide advanced notice for (click title for full story)
Notice of Herbicide Application
November 28 to December 2, 2016 the traffic medians throughout town will be treated for weed abatement.
(click title for full story)
Moraga Police on Campus
Have you heard your kids talking about an interesting character they had lunch with at school? Moraga Police Officers are working to meet and get to know kids in the community, by joining them for lunch and enjoying conversations at all elementary schools and at Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School. The visits are coordinated with school staff in advance. Call MPD at 925-888-7049 for more information. (click title for full story)
St.Mary's Road Double Roundabouts
Addressing safety and congestion issues on St. Mary’s Road at the Rheem Boulevard and Bollinger Canyon Road intersections have consistently been a priority for the community and Town Council. A Town Council Goal for 2016 is to complete the design of roundabouts at both intersections as recommended by previous studies. Town Council awarded (on a 4-1 vote) a design contract to complete the environmental process and 40% of the plans, specifications, and estimate. This grant funded work, with restricted local funding reserved for this project, will position the project for additional grant funding opportunities. (click title for full story)
Moraga Commons Park Site Specific Master Plan
Town Council requested that the Moraga Commons Park Site Specific Master Plan be brought back for adoption after the first of next year. Council asked the consultant to include additional details and make some minor revisions to the draft report that was presented in open session. Town Council is currently (click title for full story)
Hacienda Conceptual Feasibility Study
Town Council accepted the Hacienda de las Flores Conceptual Plan Study as presented by Gould Evans. Community outreach, spanning over a 12-month period, resulted in a (click title for full story)
Storm Drain Funding Feasibility Study
Another 2016 Town Council Goal is to develop a sustainable funding strategy to ensure Town assets and infrastructure, such as buildings, storm drains, parks and other facilities, can be maintained into the future. Town Council awarded a consultant services contract to conduct a funding feasibility study to focus on the storm drain portion of the goal and to recommend types of funding measures to pursue. (click title for full story)
CalPERS Unfunded Pension Liability
Town Council received a presentation outlining potential steps the Town could take to pay down its $3.6 million unfunded pension liability. The Council directed staff to work with the Audit and Finance Committee to research which options are the most viable to reduce the liability. Potential options include reducing the Town’s amortization schedule; making one-time payments; entering into an IRS Section 115 Irrevocable Trust – Pension Rate Stabilization Program; and/or designating a separate Town reserve fund to pay down the liability. (click title for full story)
Recycle Those Bicycles!
Through the end of November, Bobbie and Tom Preston will continue to collect bikes for Cycle Recycle to be refurbished and given to charitable groups to distribute at Christmas. To date over 3,000 bikes have been collected. New and/or used bikes and trikes in working or repairable order, or useable bike parts may be delivered to the side driveway of the Preston’s home at 1307 Larch Avenue in Moraga. For more information contact Bobbie or Tom Preston at 925-376-8474. (click title for full story)