Town Of Moraga

Appointment of Town Manager, Police Chief and Lieutenant
After serving eight months in the Interim position, Chief of Police Bob Priebe was appointed to Town Manager on September 28 by the Town Council with a unanimous vote. Bob officially ended his 38-year law enforcement career on September 30 to begin his new duties as Town Manager on October 1. Bob appointed (click title for full story)
Temporary Signage During Sinkhole-related Impacts
Town Council approved an extension of previously authorized measures to allow for additional commercial signage during sinkhole-related closures of Rheem Boulevard. The approvals allow the Town to install additional signage in the public right-of-way to make it clear that Moraga is “open for business” while the sinkhole and road is under repair. During the period, (click title for full story)
Independent Audit of Town Finances Nearing Completion
On Friday, September 30, the Town’s independent auditors, Maze and Associates, concluded their second site visit to review Town financial records. Over the next few weeks, the auditors will be compiling a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) detailing their findings. The Fiscal Year 2015/16 CAFR will be presented to the Audit and Finance Committee on Tuesday, December 6, and to the Town Council on Wednesday, December 14. (click title for full story)
Draft Walk/Bike Plan Now Available
On April 27, the Town Council received a presentation and provided input on the proposed bicycle and pedestrian improvement projects for the Town over the next 15 years. Since that time the Draft Walk|Bike Plan has been completed and is now available for public review. The Draft Plan, and a Notice of Intent to adopt the Draft Initial Study and (click title for full story)
All Access Playground Project
Town Council authorized $45,000 to conduct the necessary environmental and engineering work for a potential All Access Playground in the Moraga Commons Park. Moraga Rotary will continue their fundraising efforts to raise $260,000 to fund the playground equipment, surfacing and perimeter fencing. In 2017 Moraga Rotary will celebrate 50 years of service to Moraga and the surrounding community and this project will commemorate their local efforts. (click title for full story)
Culvert Repair on Rheem Boulevard at St. Mary's Road
A three foot diameter hole was discovered 15 to 20 feet off of Rheem Boulevard, in an unpaved area, near the St. Mary’s Road intersection. A video inspection revealed that an existing 15 foot deep, 24 inch diameter Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP) culvert crossing Rheem Boulevard had 30 to 40% of its invert corroded away. Town Council approved a construction contract to repair the CMP immediately upon procuring a contractor to complete the work. To fund the project, the Town had to use a portion of its operating budget. (click title for full story)
Personal Safety
The recent robbery in Orinda is a stark reminder that each person must safeguard themselves. The best defense is to be aware of your surroundings at all times and trust your instincts. If you are being followed, call the police and meet officers in a public place. Always remain alert and observant, keep outdoor lights on at night and keep your doors and windows locked. Call the Moraga Police at 925-888-7055 for more information. Call Dispatch at 925-284-5010 to report crimes or suspicious activity. (click title for full story)
"Bullying Prevention" and "Domestic Violence Awareness" Month
The Council presented a proclamation declaring October 2016 as Domestic Violence Awareness Month to a representative from STAND! For Families Free of Violence and urged all citizens to actively participate in the efforts to end violence in homes, schools and communities. Council then presented a proclamation declaring October 2016 as Bullying Prevention Month to a representative from Moraga iKind and encouraged all community members to participate in prevention activities designed to make the community safer for all children and adolescents. (click title for full story)
Moraga Road Resurfacing Project
In 2013, the Town secured a OneBayArea Grant (OBAG) Surface Transportation Program (STP) grant to resurface Moraga Road from St. Mary’s Road to Draeger Drive. The Public Works Department completed the bidding process for the Moraga Road Pavement Rehabilitation project and on September 28, Town Council awarded a construction contract to Bay Cities Paving & Grading to proceed with construction. This project (click title for full story)
Ordinance Amending Stormwater Regulations
The Municipal Regional Stormwater Permit (MRP 2.0) was re-issued by the Regional Water Quality Control Board and became effective on January 1, 2016. To ensure full compliance with MRP 2.0, the Town Council introduced and waived the first reading of an ordinance amending Chapter 13.04 (Stormwater Management and Discharge Control) of the Town of Moraga Municipal Code. The proposed ordinance includes (click title for full story)
Bollinger Canyon Road Bump
Public Works has received inquiries about a bump on Bollinger Canyon Road near the intersection of St. Mary's Road. The bump is due to a concrete cap over an existing utility, and does not pose a safety issue to motorists. The bump will be ground down next year -- along with the temporary conforms at either end of the paving project -- after a culvert repair project is completed and before a final two (2) inches of rubberized asphalt concrete is paved on top. (click title for full story)
Moraga Sinkhole Winterization Update
The inside of the existing 96-inch diameter metal pipe has been sealed and all voids filled with concrete. In the next few weeks, the contractor will install above ground erosion protection and storm water management facilities, which includes drain rock, plastic sheeting, sandbags, berm, temporary inlets and small pipe. Rheem Boulevard, with the existing intersection stop-controlled configuration, will remain open throughout the winter. Construction for permanent repairs is anticipated to begin mid-April, after the end of the rainy season. (click title for full story)