Town Of Moraga

Moraga Night Out - Tuesday, August 4, 2015
On Tuesday, August 4, Moraga residents are invited to participate in this year’s Moraga Night Out (MNO). MNO is a program to promote neighborhood camaraderie, police-community partnerships, involvement in crime prevention activities, and emergency preparedness. Simply find a host and a location for a (click title for full story)
Conceptual Plans for the Hacienda de las Flores
Gould Evans, the architectural firm hired to develop conceptual plans to improve the Hacienda de las Flores property, presented two concepts for Town Council discussion. The Council unanimously endorsed (click title for full story)
Mosquito Vector Control Board of Trustee Volunteer
Interested in public health or science? Ready to give back to the community? Apply to become Moraga’s Trustee for the Contra Costa Mosquito & Vector Control District. Funded through tax dollars, the District offers free services and is governed by an appointed Board of Trustees. Meetings are held on the second Monday of every other month at the District office in Concord. (click title for full story)
Volunteer for County Advisory Boards
Supervisor Candace Andersen is seeking motivated residents to serve on a few Contra Costa County Citizen Advisory Boards. These voluntary boards usually meet monthly and advise the Board of Supervisors on a variety of issues. Lamorinda residents are encouraged to apply for seats on (click title for full story)
Burglary Prevention
Moraga, like many other communities, is experiencing an increase in both auto and residential burglaries. Most of these crimes are preventable by ensuring that homes and vehicles are locked, alarm systems are activated and that no personal property is visible. As a service to the community, (click title for full story)
Vacation House Watch
The MPD offers a Vacation House Watch service to residents. To request periodic checks of vacant homes, please (click title for full story)
PG&E Use of Helicopters and Cranes in Moraga
The Town of Moraga has been partnering closely with Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) to ensure the Contra Costa-Moraga Electric Power Line Upgrade Project has as little impact on Moraga residents as possible, while still allowing PG&E to make essential safety and reliability upgrades. Though the Town has its own noise guidelines, this project is State mandated by the California Public Utilities Commission and, therefore, is not subject to local regulations. (click title for full story)
Council Summer Schedule
This year’s annual legislative break was scheduled with cancellation of the regular July 22 and August 12 Town Council meetings. The Council considered whether to “un-cancel” the July 22 meeting to consider a potential referendum on Ordinance 252. Since referendum signatures were not yet verified by the County Elections Division before the July 8 Council meeting, the Council will consider the referendum at a meeting after the summer legislative break. (click title for full story)
"Go Green" Energy Program from CYES
Sign up today for a no-cost home energy and water assessment provided by California Youth Energy Services (CYES), the Town of Moraga, EBMUD, and PG&E. During a Green House Call, residents will be provided with energy efficient light bulbs, shower heads, faucet aerators, energy saving tips, and more, all at no cost. All Moraga residents are eligible for this service – renters and owners. The program runs from (click title for full story)
Adopted Storm Drain Master Plan
Town Council adopted the Storm Drain Master Plan (SDMP), originally created as a proactive approach to determine the needs, costs, and priorities associated with the Town’s 27 miles of storm drain collector system and 35 creek culverts. This information is critical for the Town to properly program: future repair; replacement; and consideration of increased capacity of the Town’s storm drains. The SDMP has identified $26 million of unfunded improvements. (click title for full story)