Town Of Moraga

Street Sweeping to Occur January 9-30, 2020

Moraga Street Sweeping to find out what day your neighborhood will be swept. The Street Sweeping schedule is subject to change based on weather delays and equipment. All 56 miles of public roads (not private) will be swept.

Residents should park vehicles in garages or driveways the day of their designated sweeping. Residents are asked to place only garbage, recycle, and compost carts out the morning of their pickup day and remove at the end of the day. Additionally, please remove portable basketball hoops and other items from the roadway to ensure that the street in front of every residence gets swept. Failure to remove vehicles and items from the street will cause those areas to be bypassed. For general questions, please email or call Jeanet Lara in the Public Works Department at or 925-888-7026.