Town Of Moraga

The Town of Moraga Government

The Town of Moraga abides by the Town Council, which is resourced by 7 commissions and committees and 5 departments. Here is a brief overview of the governmental components that make up the Town of Moraga.


Town Council

The Moraga Town Council is made up of five members of the community elected at-large. Each Council position has a term of four years. Council elections are held biannually in November of even numbered years, with the number of open seats being filled alternating between two and three. The Mayor's position is filled by one of the members of the Town Council and is annually nominated and voted to that position by the Town Council.

Regular meetings of the Town Council are held the second and fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers and Community Meeting Room, 335 Rheem Boulevard, Moraga, California.



Administrative Services Department

The Administrative Services Department is organized into Finance and Human Resource Divisions and is one of the significant ties that bind Town’s departments and activities.  Key measures of the department’s effectiveness are how well the assets accounted for by Department are protected and used throughout the Town.




Parks and Recreation Department

The Parks and Recreation Department manages all of the Recreation and a portion of the Parks responsibilities.  There are shared responsibilities with the Public Works Department in both programs.  Resources of the department are managed to implement the goals of the Town Council and Parks and Recreation Commission; deliver recreation programs; and oversee the rental of public facilities and parks.


Planning Department

The Planning Department is responsible for the implementation of the Town’s General Plan and compliance with various county, state, and federal land use and environmental laws, programs, and regulations.  In addition, the Planning Department reviews and processes proposals for development in town and assists in processing development applications to the County Building Department. 


Moraga Police Department

The Moraga Police Department is located on the ground floor at 329 Rheem Blvd. The regular business hours are Monday thru Friday, between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. The office phone is 925-888-7055 ext. 0, but you can have a police officer respond to you or contact you by calling the Dispatch number at 925-284-5010.

Public Works Department

The mission of the Public Works, Parks, and Building Maintenance Divisions of the Public Works Department is to provide the citizens, property owners, and visitors to the Town of Moraga with quality roadways to travel on, well-kept parks for recreation and well maintained facilities to use. Public Works also oversees the ADA Advisory Committee and the Traffic Safety Advisory Committee.



ADA Advisory Committee

The Town established the ADA Advisory Committee in 2009.  The purpose of the ADAAC is to advise, review, and report to the staff and Town Council regarding issues affecting accessibility in the public pedestrian rights of way throughout town, and to help prioritize funds available for accessibility improvements. 

Audit and Finance Committee

The Audit and Finance Committee (AFC) consists of five members appointed by the Town Council and includes two Town Council members and three members of the public, one of whom serves as Town Treasurer.  The committee’s purpose is to assist the Town Council in fulfilling its responsibilities as to accounting policies and reporting practices of the Town and sufficiency of auditing relative thereto.


Design Review Board

The Town Council appointed Design Review Board is comprised of five Moraga residents who volunteer their time to review, evaluate and decide applications for Design Review for new buildings, projects requiring an exception to the Design Guidelines and projects in a Scenic Corridor.  In addition, the Design Review Board hears appeals pertaining to a denial of an application by the Design Review Administrator and advises the Town Council and Planning Commissions on issues pertaining to design. The Design Review Board follows the Town of Moraga Design Guidelines approved by the Town Council in 2010 to evaluate applications.


Moraga Youth Involvement Committee

The 2010-2011 MYIC consists of 17 members that meet regularly on the second Thursday of the month.  The purpose of the Moraga Youth Involvement Committee is to provide youth with opportunities for civic involvement, to implement /assist in activities and services in the community and to make appropriate recommendations to the Town Council on youth related issues. 

Park and Recreation Commission

The Park and Recreation Commission consists of seven members that meet regularly on the third Tuesday of every month. They are responsible for reviewing the Master Plans for the parks and making necessary recommendations to the Town Council.

Planning Commission

The Town Council appointed Planning Commission is comprised of seven Moraga residents who volunteer their time to review, evaluate and decide land use applications in accordance with applicable laws. In addition, the Planning Commission advises the Town Council on land use matters and hears appeals from decisions of the Design Review Board.  The Planning Commission also authorizes decision by the Zoning Administrator and can request a public hearing on projects eligible for staff approval.

Traffic Safety Advisory Committee

The Town’s Traffic Safety Advisory Committee (TSAC) was established in 2007 to assist residents and neighborhood groups pursue traffic safety and traffic calming issues within their neighborhood.  The TSAC is staffed by Town volunteers who have regularly scheduled meetings to assist these neighborhood groups through the process of gaining consensus within the affected community and processing the requests as necessary.  TSAC’s recommendations then frequently go to the Town Council for approval before the neighborhood proceeds with implementing the requested improvements.


Moraga Economic Development Team

In October 2010, the Moraga Economic Development Team was constituted by the Town Council under the direction of the Town Manager to promote the overall economic health of the community.  Specifically, they have been charged with creating a business-friendly environment for existing and new businesses and a vibrant shopping, dining and entertainment experience for residents, visitors and the local workforce.

Revenue Enhancement Community Outreach to Neighborhoods (RECON) Committee

The RECON Committee was established in 2010 as a follow up to the Revenue Enhancement Committee’s work in 2009.  The purpose of the ad hoc committee is to work with the residents of Moraga to determine what infrastructure improvements the community feels are necessary, and what type of funding mechanism would be most effective to achieve these improvements.