Town Of Moraga

Major Planning Projects

Hillside and Ridgeline Project

The Hillside and Ridgeline project updates and clarifies existing Town regulations related to hillside development, generally defined as development on land with slopes steeper than 20 percent, and preserves the scenic and open space qualities of hillsides and ridgelines throughout Moraga. In April 2018, the Town Council amended Titles 8 and 14 of the Moraga Municipal Code and adopted several resolutions amending the General Plan, MOSO Guidelines and Design Guidelines, and the environmental documentation for the project.

For more information please visit the project webpage.

Moraga Center Specific Plan Implementation Project.

The purpose of the Moraga Center Specific Plan (MCSP) Implementation project is to develop code amendments, policies and design standards to more effectively implement the adopted Specific Plan, address potential inconsistencies between the Municipal Code and the Specific Plan, and avoid ambiguities and uncertainty in implementing Specific Plan policies. The project intends to close the gap between the Specific Plan’s policy guidance and the more specific regulation provided by zoning standards and requirements.

For more information please visit the project webpage.

Commercial Planned Development Ordinance

The Town is developing a new Commercial Planned Development (PD-C), as a tool to encourage revitalization of  Moraga's commercial shopping centers.  The ordinance will establish a process by which existing developed properties in the Community Commercial zone may apply for re-zoning and approval of a PD-C Plan that includes tailored land use, design and development standards for a property, intended to provide more flexibility and opportunities for streamlining of future land use permits and approvals. A Subcommittee (Councilmembers Korpus and Trotter) was appointed to work with staff to develop the draft ordinance.  It is anticipated that the Planning Commission will consider a recommendation on this item at their September 18, 2017 meeting; and the Town Council in October.   Links to project documents are provided below.  

Climate Action Plan Implementation

For information regarding Moraga's Climate Action Plan, please visit the Climate Action Plan webpage.

Transportation Planning

For all transportation planning related projects, including Livable Moraga Road, and the Pedestrian-Bicycle Master Plan Update and Wayfinding Plan, please visit the Transportation Planning Webpage.