Town Of Moraga

Major Planning Projects

Hillsides and Ridgelines

As one of its 2013 Goals, the Town Council requested that existing regulations for hillside and ridgeline development be studied and potentially updated. In late 2013, the Council authorized a scope of work for the project, that includes comprehensive review of existing policies and regulations, and consideration of updates to provide better and more consistent interpretation of those regulations. Since then, a consultant team, headed by PlaceWorks, has been selected, and the Town Council has formed a Town Steering Committee including members of the Town Council, Planning Commission, Design Review Board and Park and Recreation Commission.

For more information please visit the project webpage.

Moraga Center Specific Plan Implementation Project.

The purpose of the Moraga Center Specific Plan (MCSP) Implementation project is to develop code amendments, policies and design standards to more effectively implement the adopted Specific Plan, address potential inconsistencies between the Municipal Code and the Specific Plan, and avoid ambiguities and uncertainty in implementing Specific Plan policies. The project intends to close the gap between the Specific Plan’s policy guidance and the more specific regulation provided by zoning standards and requirements.

For more information please visit the project webpage.

Development Impact Fee Update

The purpose of the Comprehensive Development Fee Update is to determine if the current development impact fees continue to reflect a reasonable estimate of new development's fair share of the cost of needed improvements, and to identify any necessary amendments to the fee program. Development impact fee programs are generally most fair, and effective when updated every five years to reflect changing demographic data, revised cost estimates for construction, and to reflect facilities planned for or anticipated to be needed to meet community needs.  These Impact Fee updates could result in increases in some fees and/or reductions in others.  The current fee rates are linked to an index that increases fees annually to reflect, for example, increasing construction costs over time.

For more information please visit the project webpage.

Climate Action Plan Implementation

For information regarding Moraga's Climate Action Plan, please visit the Climate Action Plan webpage.

Saint Mary’s College Master Plan Update

Planning staff are currently working with Saint Mary's College on an update of the College's Master Plan. 

For more information please visit the Saint Mary's College planning projects webpage.

Transportation Planning

For all transportation planning related projects, including Livable Moraga Road, and the Pedestrian-Bicycle Master Plan Update and Wayfinding Plan, please visit the Transportation Planning Webpage.