Town Of Moraga

Project Name Developer Type Location Status
Camino Ricardo Subdivision
SummerHill Homes 

Single Family Residential
26 Units
14.3 Acres

North edge Moraga Center Specific Plan, between Camino Ricardo and Moraga Rd.

Approved. Grading and construction underway as of Summer 2015. General Development Plan/Vesting Tentative Map approved January 2014.  Design Review approved May and June, 2014. Precise Development Plan approved September 2014. Grading and new home construction underway.
Via Moraga
Signature Properties

Single-Family Residential

18 Units

1.9 Acres

489 Moraga Road, on former Bowling Alley site.
Approved. Conceptual Development Plan approved September 10, 2014. General Development Plan and Tentative map approved November 3, 2014. Precise Development Plan approved July 20, 2015. Grading and new home construction underway.

Moraga Town Center Homes
City Ventures

  36 Units
3.1 Acres
Moraga Center Specific Plan Area on Moraga Way next to MOFD Station #41.
In Process. Conceptual Development Plan approved by Planning Commission November 17, 2014.  Appealed to Town Council, Zoning Amendment and Conceptual Development Plan approved May 27, 2015. Citizen referendum on rezoning submitted; court subsequently determined invalid for placement on ballot.             Contra Costa Superior Court declared citizen referendum invalid on October 16, 2015. Planning Commission considered General Development Plan and Vesting Tentative Subdivision Map on June 6, 2016; continued to July 18, 2016.
Rancho Laguna II

SummerHill Homes

Single-Family Residential
27 Units
180 Acres
Rheem Blvd (South)

Approved. Conceptual Development Plan approved 2011, General Development Plan, Vesting Tentative Map and Design Review approved 2014, and Precise Development Plan approve April, 2015.  Final Map Approved June 10, 2015. On-site grading commenced July 2015.

Hetfield Estates

Lipson & Gage

Single-Family Residential
7 Units
65 Acres
Sanders Drive at Hetfield Drive.

Approved. Town Council approved General Development Plan and Tentative Subdivision Map May 21, 2014.  Two year extension of map approved February 2016.

Palos Colorados

Richfield Development

Single-Family Residential
123 Units
460 Acres
Beetween Moraga Rd/St Mary’s Rd.

Approved. Applicant preparing grading permit submittal.
Bollinger Valley


Single-Family Residential
126 Units
186 Acres
Bollinger Valley

Final EIR released January 6, 2017.  
Los Encinos
(Vista Encinos)


Single-Family Residential

10 Units

 Off Baitx Drive
Approved and Subdivision Improvements Installed. Design Review for homes submitted November 2014; Homes approved individually, 63 Vista Encinos approved May 26, 2015, 65 Vista Encinos approved June 22, 2015, 68 and 70 Vista Encinos are currently under review.

St. Mary's College of California

St. Mary's College

Institutional Projects 

1928 St. Mary's Road. Approximately 420 acres located on the east side of Town.

Campus Master Plan Update in process. Multiple ongoing projects.

South Camino Pablo (Carr Ranch) Annexation & Subdivision
Dobbins Properties
Single-Family Residential and open space
13 lots

Camino Pablo opposite intersection with Tharp Avenue.
In Process. Application submitted April 2015. 


Indian Valley

 Bruzzone Single-Family Residential 71 units 140.9 acres North side of Canyon Road, southwest of Indian Ridge. In Process. Conceptual Development Plan submitted December 2016.
1015 County Club Drive Subdivision

DRG Builders

Single-Family Residential 5 Units

North side of Country Club Drive, east of Canyon Road.

Application Withdrawn.


Project Name Description Status
1800 Donald Drive  
 Single Family Residence
Conditional use permit approved, grading permit approved, final design review approved, awaiting submittal of building permit application.