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Bollinger Valley Project


 The Bollinger Valley Project is a proposed new residential development consisting of up to 126 detached single family homes on lots ranging from 15,000 to 40,000 square feet.  The project proposes to establish new land use designations and zoning on two parcels covering 186.33 acres in Bollinger Valley.  The project area currently has a “Study” land use designation under the 2002 Moraga General Plan.  The Project would amend the General Plan land use designation on 92 acres of the project site from Study to Residential–2 Dwelling Units per Acre (DUA), and adopt zoning as Single Family Residential Planned Development with Density Transfer (2-PD-DT).  On the remaining 94.33 acres, the project would amend the General Plan land use designation from Study to non-Moraga Open Space Ordinance (MOSO) Open Space (N-OS), and the zoning would be changed to Open Space Planned Development with Density Transfer zoning (OS-PD-DT).


Final Environmental Impact Report

The Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) for the project is available as of January 6, 2017.  The FEIR includes formal responses to all comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Report, as well as changes to the DEIR resulting from those comments.

Due to the large size of the FEIR document, a link to each chapter and the appendices are provided below.  Copies of the complete document are also available for review at the Town offices during regular business hours, at the Moraga Library and the Hacienda de las Flores.  CD-ROM and paper copies of the FEIR are also available for purchase from the Planning Department.  A Planning Commission Public Hearing to consider the project and Final EIR is tentatively scheduled for January 30, 2017.


01_Cover, Table of Contents and Intro

02_Responses to Comments (17 MB)

03_EIR Text Changes (31 MB)

04_Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program

Appendix A1_Comment Letter Group A

Appendix A2_Comment Letters Group B

Appendix A3_Comment Letters Group C

Appendix A4_Comment Letters Group D and E

Appendices B through F (Technical Reports)

FEIR Notice of Availability

Draft Environmental Impact Report

* Please note some of these files are rather large in size and will take a little while to download based on your internet connection. If you cannot download the documents you can contact Kelly Clancy at or view the documents in person at the Planning Department. *

REVISED - Notice of Availability

Notice of Completion

Draft EIR Cover through Section 3

Draft EIR Sections 4A through 4D

Draft EIR Section 4E

Draft EIR Section 4E Figure 2

Draft EIR Sections 4F through 4M

Draft EIR Sections 5 and 6

Appendix A

Appendix B

2003 General Plan Study

As required by the General Plan, the applicant prepared a "General Plan Study" for the Bollinger Valley area, including an opportunities and constraints analysis, conceptual development and conservation plan CDC) , and General Plan amendment to implement the CDC Plan.  The 2003 General Plan study was used as the basis for the project application.


2003 General Plan Study