Town Of Moraga

Bollinger Valley Project

The Bollinger Valley Project is a proposed new residential development consisting of up to 126 detached single family homes on lots ranging from 15,000 to 40,000 square feet.  The project proposes to establish new land use designations and zoning on two parcels covering 186.33 acres in Bollinger Valley.  The project area currently has a “Study” land use designation under the 2002 Moraga General Plan.  The Project would amend the General Plan land use designation on 92 acres of the project site from Study to Residential–2 Dwelling Units per Acre (DUA), and adopt zoning as Single Family Residential Planned Development with Density Transfer (2-PD-DT).  On the remaining 94.33 acres, the project would amend the General Plan land use designation from Study to non-Moraga Open Space Ordinance (MOSO) Open Space (N-OS), and the zoning would be changed to Open Space Planned Development with Density Transfer zoning (OS-PD-DT).

On November 14, 2018, the Town Council considered an appeal by the property owner regarding the Planning Commission's adoption of a resolution recommending denial of the proposed General Plan Amendment, Rezoning, and Conceptual Development Plan for the Bollinger Valley Project. After hearing presentations by Town staff and the appellant regarding the project, and considering public testimony, the Town Council adopted a resolution denying the appeal, denying the project application and not certifying the EIR. The Town Council then directed staff to determine cost of preparing a General Plan Amendment and Rezone of the property from Study to reflect residential density consistent with the Guiding Principles, Goals and Standards of the General Plan, and return to the Town Council in February 2019 with funding recommendations. 

For more information, email Derek Farmer or call 925.888.7043.