Town Of Moraga

MCSP Implementation Project 

The purpose of the Moraga Center Specific Plan (MCSP) Implementation project is to develop code amendments, policies and design standards to more effectively implement the adopted Specific Plan, address potential inconsistencies between the Municipal Code and the Specific Plan, and avoid ambiguities and uncertainty in implementing Specific Plan policies. The project intends to close the gap between the Specific Plan’s policy guidance and the more specific regulation provided by zoning standards and requirements. 
The Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) awarded $150,000 in funding through the Priority Development Area Planning Grant Program for the Town’s Moraga Center Specific Plan Implementation project. The Town elected to work with a consultant team led by Opticos Design for the completion of this project.

MCSP Steering Committee Meeting, Thursday, May 18, 2017


Steering Committee Members 

The Steering Committee will act in an advisory capacity to help balance stakeholder interests and the overall objectives for the Specific Plan implementation. The Steering Committee will provide guidance and recommendation for zoning and other regulations intended to implement the 2010 Moraga Center Specific Plan. The guidance from the Steering Committee would be supplemented by broader public outreach, targeted stakeholder outreach at key milestones, and meetings with the Planning Commission and Town Council.

Town Councilmembers Onoda and Trotter
Planning Commission Members Kovac and D’Arcy
Design Review Board Members Stromberg and Helber 
Park & Recreation Commission Member Schnurr

Previous Meetings:

Draft Zoning Regulations for the Moraga Center Specific Plan Area

Steering Committee Meeting, November 29, 2016


Steering Committee Site Visit, September 12, 2016


Steering Committee July 12 and July 19, 2016

Agenda      Packet       Draft Report

Joint Planning Commission/Design Review Board Meeting (7PM) January 25, 2016

Town staff and consultants will be hosting a public open house on Monday, January 25 at 6pm at the Council Chambers, 335 Rheem Boulevard, to review a draft “Vision Concept” for the Moraga Center Specific Plan Area.  The open house will be followed at 7pm by a special joint meeting of the Design Review Board and Planning Commission to review and discuss the Vision Concept.  The Vision Concept is a key step in the process to develop zoning regulations to implement the 2010 Moraga Center Specific Plan.  The Vision Concept articulates design principles for the Specific Plan area, centered around the Moraga Center shopping district, and will help to guide the formulation of clear, well-defined standards for building design, building envelopes (height, setbacks, etc), public and private open space, and circulation system improvements.

Steering Committee Meeting #4 November 19. 2015