Town Of Moraga

Human Resources - Job Descriptions

The Human Resource Department's core functions include the coordination of personnel systems and functions for the Town. As a part of Human Resources and Recruitment, the Town creates Job Descriptions for each position in the Town Government.
These positions are linked below, organized in alphabetical order.

Interested parties can check for job openings on Moraga's Portal.

Standard Position


Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant, Senior

Administrative Services Technician

Associate Civil Engineer

Civil Engineer, Senior

Community Services Officer (Police)

Construction Inspector, Senior

Corporal (Police)*

Director, Administrative Services

Director, Parks and Recreation

Director, Planning

Director, Public Works/Town Engineer

Engineer, Assistant

Engineering Technician/Inspector

Maintenance Worker

Maintenance Worker, Lead<

Maintenance Worker, Senior

Manager, Public Works and Parks Maintenance

Patrol Officer (Police)*

Planner, Assistant

Planner, Associate

Planner, Senior

Police Chief

Police Lieutenant

Police Sergeant

Police Services Technician

Recreation Coordinator I

Recreation Coordinator II

Support Services Coordinator

Town Clerk/Assistant to Town Manager

*Police Sergeants, Corporals, and Patrol Officers can be classified as Intermediate (corporals and patrol officers only) and Advanced (all three classifications have an advanced category) determined by the Town based on training, education, and experience standards and independent professional certificates. As the job description for affected sworn officers does not change, one description is provided above.

Temporary/Limited Service Employees

Facilities Attendant


Maintenance Worker (Seasonal)

Recreation Leader I

Recreation Leader II