Town Of Moraga

Declaration of Fiscal Emergency: June 28, 2017

This webpage has been developed to provide updates and background information about the Town's Fiscal Emergency. Content for this page will continue to be developed.

On June 28, 2017, as part of the adoption of a balanced budget for Fiscal Year 2017/18, the Town issued a Declaration of Fiscal Emergency (per Article XIIIC California Constitution). The declaration was made because: (1) the Town's reserves have been drained due to two infrastructure failures (the 2016 sinkhole on Rheem Blvd. and the April 2017 Canyon Road Bridge failure), leaving the Town with just under $1.6 million in General Fund Reserves available for future events or emergencies; and (2) four of the Town's 2017 adopted Goals:

  • Goal #1 – To complete sinkhole repairs, restoring retail activity and traffic flow back to normal and continue to pursue financial relief;
  • Goal #5 – To complete successful negotiation of labor agreements with all bargaining units;
  • Goal #6 – To adopt a balanced budget and continue high quality financial reporting; and
  • Goal #8 – To determine revenue measure(s) for a future ballot to fund the community's top priorities.

  • The declaration acknowledges the Town's fiscal situation while enhancing and expanding options to secure additional revenue or local funding.

Important Documents and Links

Town Manager's Address of Fiscal Emergency

FAQs - Fiscal Situation

Adopted Budget FY 2017-18: Final Draft June 28, 2017

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Financial Documents and Resources: Adopted Budgets, Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports, Fee Schedule

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Storm Drain Funding Feasibility Study Presentation to AFC April 10, 2017

Storm Drain Master Plan Adopted July 8, 2015 

August 8, 2017 Special Town Council Meeting


Video Recording of Town Council Special Meeting August 8, 2017

Presentation to the Town Council on the Report on Fiscal Emergency 

Staff Report on Fiscal Emergency

Attachment A - Town Council Adopted Goals for 2016 and 2017

Attachment B - Storm Drain Funding Feasibility Study - Presentation to Town Manager's Working Group: March 20, 2017

Attachment C - Resolution #67-2017 Adopting the FY 2017-18 Operating and CIP Budgets and Declaring a Fiscal Emergency

Attachment D - Fiscal Year 2017/18 Operating Budget Excerpts

Attachment E - Fiscal Emergency Questions Received from the Public

Attachment F - Revenue Enhancement Committee Final Report to the Town Council, November 13, 2009

Attachment G - Summary List and Links to Town Council and Audit and Finance Committee Reports since 2015

Attachment H - Community Priorities Survey Report to the Town Council: Godbe Research, August 24, 2016

Attachment I - SFPD and BART Signing Recruitments

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