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As news is pertinent to the community at large and available, we will post news items on this page.
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Rheem Theatre Memorandum of Understanding
The Town Council approved a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Mahesh Puri, the owner of the Rheem Theatre building. The goals of the MOU include establishing a path for the preservation of the hi.. Read more

New Public Artwork
Town Council accepted five public art sculptures ( Placement Visual Exhibits for web.pdf) to be placed at the Town Hal.. Read more

More Town Council Actions on March 14, 2018
LOCAL SALES TAX OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE ANNUAL REPORT Based upon a review of 90% of Measure K receipts, the Local Sales Tax Oversight Committee’s FY 2016/17 Annual Report affirmed that Measure K f.. Read more

Firearms Storage Ordinance Adopted
Town Council adopted an Ordinance on March 14, 2018 requiring all firearms to be securely stored in residences. Councilmembers expressed concern for the safety of children in our community in adopting.. Read more

Welcome Breyana Brandt - Parks and Recreation Director
The Town of Moraga’s new Parks and Recreation Director, Breyana Brandt, begins work on Monday, March 19. Breyana has 20 years’ experience developing youth programs, managing parks and faci.. Read more

Contra Costa County Cannabis Update
The Town Council heard a presentation from Supervisor Candace Andersen and County staff regarding proposed County regulations to allow cultivation and commercial sales of cannabis in unincorporated ar.. Read more

Firearms Ordinance Introduced to Town Council
Town Council introduced an ordinance requiring all firearms to be safely stored while kept in residences, unless the firearm is being carried by or is in the immediate control of a person. After publi.. Read more

Stormwater Fee Update
The Town of Moraga has experienced catastrophic storm drain failures in the past several years in the form of sinkholes that have disrupted the drainage system and traffic patterns and have negatively.. Read more

Town Council Appoints New Town Manager
The Town of Moraga is happy to welcome Cynthia Battenberg as the new Town Manager beginning March 12. Cynthia has extensive experience in local government including management, planning, public works,.. Read more

PDA Grant to Complete the Moraga Center Specific Plan
Town Council adopted a resolution authorizing a Priority Development Area grant application to Bay Area Metro (ABAG/MTC) for funding to complete the Moraga Center Specific Plan Implementation Project... Read more

Moraga MCE Roll-Out
Beginning this month, MCE, California’s first Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program, a locally controlled energy service, will initiate its enrollment process within Moraga and begin provid.. Read more

Fiscal Year 2018/19 Midyear Budget Review
The Council approved the FY 2017/18 budget amendments unanimously which once again reflected Moraga’s history of fiscal responsibility. Due to slightly stronger property tax collections and aggr.. Read more

Moraga Library Commissioner Status Report
Town Council reviewed and accepted the 2017 Status Report submitted by Patricia Wernet, Contra Costa County Library Commissioner for Moraga. The school libraries of Acalanes, Campolindo and Miramonte,.. Read more

WW Urban Creeks Grant Application
Town Council directed staff through Resolution 34-2014 to seek funding opportunities for the Laguna Creek Restoration Project and authorized staff to submit an application for a WW Urban Creeks Grant .. Read more

Lighting Assessment District for FY 2018/19
In order to maintain and continue the assessment district, the Town is required to conduct an annual levy and collection process. Town Council initiated the first step of this process by ordering engi.. Read more

Indian Valley Project EIR Consultant Contract
The Town Council adopted a resolution authorizing the Interim Town Manager to execute a contract with the Metropolitan Planning Group to prepare an Environmental Impact Report for the proposed Indian .. Read more

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) Ordinance
The Town Council, on a split vote, waived the second reading and adopted an ordinance replacing Chapter 8.124 of the Moraga Municipal Code regulating the development of Accessory Dwelling Units. These.. Read more

Stormwater Fee Informational Meetings
A Notice of Public Hearing was mailed to all property owners affected by the proposed fees to 1) address first the high priority projects identified in the Storm Drain Master Plan; 2) implement an ade.. Read more

Moraga Town Center Homes
KB Homes has taken over the development of the Moraga Town Center Homes, a proposed 36-unit attached single-family residential project, located on a vacant 3.06-acre lot situated between Moraga Way an.. Read more

Town Council 2018 Meeting Calendar and Committee Representatives
TOWN COUNCIL 2018 MEETING CALENDAR Town Council reviewed and approved the 2018 Council meeting calendar, including a legislative summer break. To view the calendar, visit the Town’s website (h.. Read more