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As news is pertinent to the community at large and available, we will post news items on this page.
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Art in Public Spaces Committee Charter Updated – January 2019
Town Council amended the Art in Public Spaces Committee Charter to include language allowing a Council or Non-Council appointed liaison to serve on the committee and the removal of a Park Foundation m.. Read more

2018 Crime Statistics for Moraga
The Moraga Police Department (MPD) noted that overall reported crime in Moraga decreased 21% in 2018 when compared to 2017 statistics. However, the numbers are mixed as property related crimes are dow.. Read more

Moraga Chamber of Commerce Update
1. Taco Bell reports all the Town and County permits have been issued and the speed of the remodel is in the hands of the franchisee, hopefully with an opening soon. 2. US Realty Partners (the majo.. Read more

Moraga Center Specific Plan (MCSP)
On January 9, 2019 the Town Council adopted two resolutions concerning the Moraga Center Specific Plan Implementation Project. The first resolution approves the Master Funding Agreement between the Me.. Read more

Wildfire Safety Inspection Program - January 2019
As part of its enhanced wildfire safety efforts, PG&E is conducting detailed and accelerated inspections of transmission towers and poles in areas at higher risk of wildfires. This work is in addi.. Read more

Sale of Firearms Ordinance - January 2019
Council considered an Ordinance that would establish land use regulations to govern where firearms dealers could locate and require each dealer to obtain approval of a conditional use permit by the Pl.. Read more

Property Owners Responsible for Creeks and Storm Drains
The maintenance of creeks and storm drain systems running through private properties is the responsibility of the property owner. Creek maintenance requires removing overgrown vegetation along the ban.. Read more

Palos Colorados Funds Discussion - January 2019
Staff presented a brief history, overview and update on the current financial position of Fund 100 – One Time Developer Fees (Palos Colorados). The 2007 Palos Colorados agreement could bring $17.. Read more

Moraga Country Club Evacuation Drill a Success
Contra Costa County’s first evacuation drill took place at the Moraga Country Club (MCC) on December 15. The drill, coordinated by Moraga-Orinda Fire, Moraga Police, Orinda Police and Lamorinda .. Read more

Join Nixle for Emergency and Other Notifications
Nixle is a community information service the Town uses to keep residents informed via text and/or emails. Press releases, emergency alerts and informational advisories are sent out to warn of crimes i.. Read more

Donation of Asymmetric Loveseat by Artist Colin Selig - January 2019
Town Council accepted the generous donation of the Asymmetric Loveseat donated by “We WILL”. The Asymmetric Loveseat by artist Colin Selig has been installed at the Moraga Library since Au.. Read more

Council, Mayor and Ad Hoc Committee Roles and Responsibilities 2019
At the Town Council meeting on January 9, 2019 the Council discussed the need for additional written guidelines regarding Town Council roles and responsibilities. Staff was directed to develop a polic.. Read more

Central Contra Costa Sanitary District Presentation
Dave Williams, Central San Board President, presented an overview ( for 4.A_Central San.pdf) of the District’s .. Read more

Welcome Jasmine Bateson - Recreation Supervisor – December 2018
Jasmine Bateson is the Town’s new Recreation Supervisor in the Parks and Recreation Department. Jasmine graduated from Cal Poly with a degree in Recreation and has worked for the Cities of Dubli.. Read more

Welcome Councilmembers McCluer and Woehleke – December 2018
At the Town Council meeting on December 12, newly-elected Councilmembers Mike McCluer and Steve Woehleke were sworn in by the Town Clerk following the certification of the election votes. For contact .. Read more

Thank You Mayor Trotter and Vice Mayor Onoda – December 2018
Outgoing Mayor Dave Trotter gave a presentation on 2018 Year in Review. He and Vice Mayor Teresa Onoda were recognized and thanked by fellow Councilmembers, Contra Costa County Supervisor Candace Ande.. Read more

Emergency Evacuation Planning – December 2018
Town Council received a presentation on the Emergency Evacuation Planning efforts for the Town. Police Chief Jon King advised that the Town has been divided into 23 evacuation zones. Through the Commu.. Read more

Council Elects New Mayor and Vice Mayor – December 2018
The first item of business of the newly seated Council was to elect the Mayor and Vice Mayor positions for 2019. Roger Wykle was unanimously elected Mayor and Kymberleigh Korpus was unanimously electe.. Read more

Audited Financial Reports for FY 2017-18
The Town Council reviewed and filed the annual independent audit report of the Town’s financial statements in January 2019. The Town’s independent auditors, Maze & Associates, conducte.. Read more

Sign Up for Community Warning System
The recent California wildland fires have shown the importance of communicating accurate and prompt safety information to everyone. In an emergency, both Police and Fire agencies will primarily be usi.. Read more