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As news is pertinent to the community at large and available, we will post news items on this page.
To report a news item contact us. To see the archive of the Town of Moraga’s bi-weekly newsletter, About Town, visit the About Town Newsletter page.

Options for Road Repair to be Discussed at Next Council Meeting
At its upcoming meeting on February 22, the Town Council will be discussing the total estimated costs for repairing and maintaining our roads and the revenue measures available to help fund those repa.. Read more

Internship Opportunity for High School Students
Attention High School Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors! The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), the Bay Area’s Regional Transportation Planning agency, is sponsoring its yearly paid Hi.. Read more

Campolindo High School Athletes Honored
Varsity Football, Boys and Girls Varsity Cross Country, Carrie Verdon, and Thomas Joyce were honored at the February 8 Town Council Meeting. Excellence in athletics and education was the theme (wi.. Read more

East Bay Regional Communications System Authority Antenna Appeal Update
The Town Council approved a Conditional Use Permit to allow the East Bay Regional Communications System Authority (EBRCSA) to install a 20-foot antenna and accessory equipment enclosure for public saf.. Read more

Emergency Preparedness and Public Notice
The Town is continuing to update and prioritize its Emergency Preparedness capabilities. The Emergency Operations Plan is being rewritten and staff is receiving basic training required by FEMA, with a.. Read more

Town Approves Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (LHMP)
At the January 11 Town Council meeting, a resolution was approved allowing the Town to continue using the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) Hazard Mitigation Plan as the Town’s Loca.. Read more

Climate Action Plan (CAP) Task Force
On January 11, the Council created a Climate Action Plan Task Force comprised of local individuals and property owners with environmental, business, and development backgrounds to assist the Town .. Read more

Rancho Laguna Park Play Structures Fundraising Campaign
The Park and Recreation Commission set a goal to raise $100,000 to fund new replacement play equipment at Rancho Laguna Park. To date, $5,000 has been raised. The Parks and Recreation Departme.. Read more

Rancho Laguna Park
At the December 14 Town Council meeting the Council voted 3-2 to accept the Park and Recreation Commission recommendation for spatial separation at Rancho Laguna Park.The approved conceptual design (/.. Read more

Maintenance Around Town
Public Works staff continues to monitor the small slides and fencing that holds the rocks and debris off Bollinger Canyon Road. The Town staff continues to monitor the area as the rains begin. .. Read more

More on Why Moraga Receives so Little From Property Tax
In previous publications, we’ve discussed the fact that Moraga receives much lower property tax compared to other communities in the area – Moraga gets 5.27% while Orinda gets 7.4%, La.. Read more

Planning and Land Use News
The Planning Commission and Town Council also considered other issues related to land use regulations in Moraga at Wednesday’s joint meeting. The Commission and Council endorsed a work plan for .. Read more

Shop Moraga First!
The Town’s budget relies on $675,000 from sales tax... which is about 10.5% of the total budget. We expect to be on target for the year, but the Town is not capturing nearly its full po.. Read more

Moraga Commons Off-Street Parking Design
The Town of Moraga and cities of Lafayette and Orinda have agreed to jointly fund construction for a parking lot on the eastern side of Moraga Road, adjacent to the Lamorinda Skate Park. Design drawi.. Read more

Neighborhood Street Condition Update
The RECON Committee updated the Town Council at the November 9 meeting on its recent efforts to repair the neighborhood streets. The Committee has presented its findings to about a dozen groups, but i.. Read more

Town Co-Sponsors California Independent Film Festival
On Wednesday, October 26, the Town Council agreed to partner with The New Rheem Theatre to host this year’s California Independent Film Festival from February 10 to 16, 2012. Over 80 films w.. Read more

Traffic Calming Guide Updates
The Traffic Safety Advisory Committee will continue its review of the Traffic Calming Guide at its December 7 meeting with a discussion regarding the determination of the area impacted by a proposed t.. Read more

Grant Applications
The Town Council authorized Town staff to submit two grant applications at its November 9 meeting. Both grants are funded through Measure J sales tax revenues that Contra Costa Transportation Authorit.. Read more

State of the Town Address and Volunteer Recognition Night - Mayor's Presentation
Thank you to everyone who attended the 2011 State of the Town Address and Volunteer Recognition Night on Wednesday, November 16. The event at Saint Mary’s College was a grand success with ov.. Read more

New Moraga Library Commissioner Goals
The Town’s new Library Commissioner presented two of his 2012 goals to the Town Council and suggested ways the proposed Town and Library Lease Agreement could be revised. The Agreement was last .. Read more