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As news is pertinent to the community at large and available, we will post news items on this page.
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Business Signs in Moraga
At its July 16 meeting, the Planning Commission upheld a Design Review Board (DRB) decision and required Lamorinda Gas (a future Valero station) to remove existing signage and install new signs that a.. Read more

Emergency Preparedness Process
The Town Council has directed staff to make emergency preparedness a high priority. In response, staff has worked closely with the Lamorinda Emergency Preparedness Coordinator and has made consistent .. Read more

Two Volunteers Needed
Moraga depends on its volunteers! Currently, the Town is actively recruiting to fill the vacant Moraga seat on the Contra Costa County Advisory Council on Aging (ACOA). Applicants should be interested.. Read more

Town Responds to Errors in the Grand Jury Report on Pension Reform
At its meeting on Wednesday, July 11, the Town Council provided input and approved the response to the Grand Jury Report on “City Retirement Plans, An Unsustainable Benefit?” The Grand Jur.. Read more

Open for Business Pledge
At its July 11 meeting, the Town Council joined other Contra Costa and Alameda County cities and adopted an “Open for Business” pledge. The Pledge helps focus attention on the business cli.. Read more

New Public Works Director/Town Engineer Hired
After a very competitive process for the Town’s Public Works Director/Town Engineer position, we are happy to welcome Edric Kwan to the position. Edric is currently the City Engineer for Richmon.. Read more

Summer Camps in Moraga!
There are only five weeks of summer left and plenty of summer camp opportunities in Moraga! Sign up now on the Town’s website for a new session including Summer Park Program, Camp Hacienda, Euro.. Read more

Council Rescinds Off-Leash Animal Ordinance at Rancho Laguna Park
The majority of the Council voted Wednesday night to remove the Ordinance they adopted in May that would have limited off-leash dogs to fenced dog parks less than 3 acres. The off-leash morning and ev.. Read more

Parents Needed for Lamorinda Alcohol Policy Coalition
The Lamorinda Alcohol Policy Coalition is dedicated to addressing the problem of underage drinking in our area, and the social and environmental influences on our teens. The group meets the second Wed.. Read more

Rancho Laguna Park Playground Community Build Success
Thank you to the volunteers who came together to build Moraga’s newest playground. The week of June 18, Rancho Laguna Park was filled with concrete, sweat, love, and lots and lots of parts a.. Read more

Saint Mary's College Recreation Center Approved
At its July 2, 2012 meeting, the Planning Commission approved several applications, including a Conditional Use Permit to allow student recreation facilities, a baseball spectator facility, on-site gr.. Read more

Hetfield Estates Update
The Planning Commission held a second public hearing on the Hetfield Estates Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and the proposed 6-lot subdivision on June 4. After hearing from the project propon.. Read more

Moraga Awarded Grant
On November 9, 2011, the Town Council authorized Town staff to submit an application for Measure J Transportation for Livable Communities (TLC) program funds in the amount of $325,000. The grant was a.. Read more

Fees Discussed at Town Council Meeting
On June 13, the Town Council approved annual updates to the Fee Schedule. Selected fees were raised 3% which were generally offset by a 3% decrease in previously charged credit card usage fees. Fees a.. Read more

Hacienda Foundation Projects
The Hacienda Foundation of Moraga presented a PowerPoint slideshow to the Town Council to bring awareness to their fundraising efforts and the improvement projects that have enhanced the Hacienda de l.. Read more

Measure WW Grant Approved by East Bay Regional Park District
For the 2012 calendar year the Town applied for $157,000 in East Bay Regional Park District Measure WW funds to be used on recreational improvements within the Town of Moraga. The three projects submi.. Read more

Slowdown Lamorinda Progress
Since the June 1 start of the Slowdown Lamorinda campaign, the Moraga, Orinda, and Lafayette police departments have issued several warnings and 146 citations. Speeding and distracted driving have bee.. Read more

Independent Auditors Conduct Interim Field Work
Every year, the Town hires an outside, independent auditor to review the Town’s finances and ensure the public trust. Maze and Associates, the new auditors, have been located at Town offices all.. Read more

New Emergency Plan for Moraga
At the June 27 Town Council Meeting, a new Emergency Plan was adopted by the Council. The new plan will serve as the operational guide for handling major disasters that require the activation of an Em.. Read more

Summer Safety
The Moraga Police Department wants to remind parents that it is illegal to possess or discharge any fireworks in Contra Costa County. In the past, officers have responded to a variety of fireworks inc.. Read more