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As news is pertinent to the community at large and available, we will post news items on this page.
To report a news item contact us. To see the archive of the Town of Moraga’s bi-weekly newsletter, About Town, visit the About Town Newsletter page.

Camino Ricardo Subdivision Approved
On January 6, the Planning Commission approved the Camino Ricardo project, a 26-unit single family residential subdivision within the Moraga Center Specific Plan Area. In addition to the 26 high-quali.. Read more

Ad Hoc Facilities Planning Subcommittee Receives the Green Light
On January 8, at their regular meeting, the Town Council approved the formulation of an 11-member subcommittee consisting of representatives from the Town Council, Moraga School District Governing Boa.. Read more

Holiday Outpouring of Public Support
The men and women of the Moraga Police Department (MPD) would like to thank the community for all of the support, gratitude, and encouragement shared during the recent holiday season. MPD staff was tr.. Read more

New Mayor and Vice Mayor Elected
At the Town Council meeting on December 11, the Council voted to elect Ken Chew as Mayor and Roger Wykle as Vice Mayor for the 2014 term. Outgoing Mayor Dave Trotter was honored by the Council, member.. Read more

2014 Pavement Repair Project Design Work Underway
The Town has begun the design process for the upcoming 2014 Pavement Repair project by televising existing storm drain lines, performing deflection testing, and collecting pavement core samples on pot.. Read more

Traffic Signal Improvements
The Town recently installed new traffic signal heads at the intersection of Rheem Boulevard and Moraga Road. When traveling east or west on Rheem Boulevard, an additional signal head with a new green .. Read more

Laguna Creek Storm Damage Repair Completed
On December 11, the Town Council accepted the completion of improvements installed by Pavex Construction for the Laguna Creek Wall Repair and Bank Stabilization project located at the Hacienda de las .. Read more

Updated Building Code Adopted
On January 8, the Town Council approved the introduction of an ordinance adopting the 2013 California State Building Code (CBSC), with enhancements to some building requirements to address local seism.. Read more

Holiday Safety
This holiday season, the Moraga Police Department (MPD) is asking everyone to take extra precautions to protect themselves and their property. Thefts always occur during this time of year as thieves p.. Read more

Stuffed Animals Collection Drive
The Moraga Police Officers Association (MPOA) thanks everyone who has donated to the Stuffed Animals For Emergencies (S.A.F.E.) program. Over 500 stuffed animals have been collected thus far to be dis.. Read more

Town Prepares First Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)
Maze & Associates, the Town’s independent auditor, presented the Town’s first CAFR to the Audit and Finance Committee on December 2. The CAFR is a major improvement to the typical Basi.. Read more

Moraga Citizen Corps Council
The Moraga Citizen Corps Council is a grassroots movement working to tap the collaborative spirit of the community by engaging Town government and residents to strengthen individual, organizational, a.. Read more

Maintain Your Drain Before the Rain
Leaves left in gutters will stay there until they wash into storm drains. Not only do leaves clog the gutters and storm drains, causing street flooding every year, but overloading creeks with decompos.. Read more

2013 State of the Town Address and Volunteer Recognition
Thanks to all who attended the 2013 State of the Town Address and Volunteer Recognition on Thursday, November 21. The Moraga Country Club provided the perfect setting for this grand event, with ov.. Read more

Cafe Hacienda to Continue
At the November 13 Town Council meeting, the Council discussed continuance of the weekday Café Hacienda operation at the Hacienda de las Flores. After much discussion and community input, the C.. Read more

Hillsides and Ridgelines Steering Committee
The Town Council directed staff to finalize and issue a Request for Proposals and Scope of Work to review, analyze and develop potential amendments to existing regulations and guidelines related to de.. Read more

2013 Pavement Repair Project Completed
On November 13, the Town Council accepted the completion of pavement improvements by VSS International, Inc., that repaired nearly half of all neighborhood streets with rubberized cape seal or micro s.. Read more

Calle La Mesa Storm Drain System Repaired
On November 13, the Town Council accepted the completion of improvements installed by Siteworks Construction for the 199 Calle la Mesa/677 Moraga Road Storm Drainage Repair project. The repair entaile.. Read more

California Independent Film Festival Another Success
The New Rheem Theatre hosted Opening Night events for the California Independent Film Festival (CAIFF) in Moraga and Orinda last weekend. Thursday’s sold out event celebrated the kick-off of the.. Read more

Chamber Granted Limited Office Hours at the Hacienda
On November 13, Town Council approved the use of a small corner office in the La Sala at the Hacienda de las Flores for use by the Moraga Chamber of Commerce. After the first of the year the Chamber w.. Read more