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As news is pertinent to the community at large and available, we will post news items on this page.
To report a news item contact us. To see the archive of the Town of Moraga’s bi-weekly newsletter, About Town, visit the About Town Newsletter page.

Temporary Banner Signs Policy
Town Council adopted policies and procedures for approval of temporary wall and banner signs on Town-owned property. The policies address both banners that may be affixed to stands, fences, or walls o.. Read more

Moraga's Local Hazard Mitigation Program (LHMP)
Town Council adopted the Contra Costa County Hazard Mitigation Plan Volume 1 – Planning Area-Wide Elements and Volume 2 – Planning Partner Annexes, Chapter 9 – Town of Moraga, as the.. Read more

Hetfield Estates Vesting Tentative Map Extension
Town Council considered a one-year extension of the Vesting Tentative Map, General Development Plan, Conditional Use Permit and Hillside Development Permit for the Hetfield Estates Subdivision, a seve.. Read more

Jeanette Fritzky to Resign from Town Council
On July 24, Councilmember Fritzky submitted her resignation from the Town Council, effective August 22, 2018, due to health issues. See resignation letter ( Read more

2018 Street Rehabilitation Project
Full Depth Reclamation (FDR), a proven and innovative method to reduce pavement costs, recycles existing pavement structure by pulverizing it in place and mixing in cement stabilizers to create a new .. Read more

Council Legislative Recess
The Town Council meetings on July 25 and August 8 have been cancelled to provide a legislative break. The break occurs annually and was approved by the Council in January. The Council will resume thei.. Read more

St. Mary's Road PG&E Gas Pipeline Project Update - July 26, 2018
PG&E’s Gas Pipeline Replacement project to replace a gas transmission pipe along St. Mary’s Road from S. Lucille Lane in Lafayette to Rheem Boulevard in Moraga is on schedule. St. Mary.. Read more

Hacienda Nights Food Trucks
Thanks to all the neighbors and friends who attended the First Hacienda Nights event and enjoyed an evening of great food trucks and craft brew. The second Hacienda Nights ( Read more

Parks and Recreation Activity Guide Out Now
The Fall Activity Guide hit Moraga mailboxes at the end of July! The Town is pleased to resume mailing the Activity Guide to all Moraga residents. As a cost reduction measure in FY 2017/18, activi.. Read more

Vacation House Watch
The Moraga Police Department (MPD) offers a Vacation House Watch service to residents. To request periodic checks of vacant homes, please go to the Moraga Police webpage and click on the “Forms/.. Read more

Contra Costa Local Government Leadership Academy
The Town’s Associate Planner, Brian Horn, recently graduated from the Contra Costa Local Government Leadership Academy. The goals of the Leadership Academy are to create a cost-effective personn.. Read more

What Next When You Find a Dead Bird?
The Contra Costa Mosquito & Vector Control District (CCMVCD) recommends the following actions when finding a dead bird: 1. Call 1-877-WNV-BIRD or go online ( Read more

It's Not Too Late to Donate!
The 4th of July Celebration was a great success thanks in part to all who participated and those who donated to BUY-A-ROCKET. You can still help the community raise the $30,000 for the fireworks show... Read more

PG&E Information on St. Mary's Road Closure
PG&E’s Gas Pipeline Replacement project will replace 6,000 feet of vintage gas transmission pipe along St. Mary’s Road (SMR) from S. Lucille Lane in Lafayette to Rheem Boulevard in Mor.. Read more

Community Warning System
Sign up today for the Contra Costa County Community Warning System (CWS), which is recognized as one of the nation’s most modern and effective all-hazard public warning systems. CWS is designed .. Read more

FY 2018/19 Operating and Capital Improvement Program Budgets
On June 27 the Town Council adopted the FY 2018/19 operating budget and capital improvement program. The proposed $9.45 million operating budget is balanced with an anticipated surplus of $58,272. The.. Read more

Canyon Club Brewery
On June 18, the Planning Commission voted unanimously to approve the plans for Canyon Club Brewery to occupy the vacant former World Savings Bank building at the corner of Canyon Road and Country Club.. Read more

Text to 9-1-1
The Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Department provides dispatch services to Moraga and is now able to handle texts to 9-1-1. During an emergency or life-threatening situation, send a text to 9-1-.. Read more

Interested in Participating in Government?
Supervisor Candace Andersen is seeking volunteers to serve on a number of county advisory boards. These volunteer boards usually meet monthly and advise the Board of Supervisors on a variety of issues.. Read more

Proclamation Declaring July as Parks and Recreation Month
Town Council declared July as Parks and Recreation month recognizing the importance of parks in creating and maintaining the quality of life in Moraga. Parks and recreation are essential for their con.. Read more