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As news is pertinent to the community at large and available, we will post news items on this page.
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Mobile Moraga so Easy to Use!
Mobile Moraga is a fast and easy way to inform the Town of issues and items in need of attention. Use Mobile Moraga to relay maintenance issues, code compliance concerns, or general suggestions direct.. Read more

Council Affirms the Order to Abate Violations at 398 Rheem Boulevard
On September 13, 2019, the Town issued a Notice and Order to Abate public nuisances at 398 Rheem Boulevard constituting of 1) the cavity in the ground situated near the landscaped median in the drivew.. Read more

State Auditor Rates Moraga at Low Financial Risk
The California State Auditor’s Office recently unveiled a new study and launched an Online Dashboard ( revealing the fiscal health of 471 cities .. Read more

Council Review of Legal Fees – November 2019
The Council is taking proactive steps to improve its oversight of legal expenses and provide transparency to the public. They completed a performance evaluation of the Town Attorney that included a co.. Read more

Veterans Day Gathering - 2019
The Town hosted the annual Veterans Day Celebration at the Moraga Commons Park on Monday, November 11 to celebrate those who have served in the United States Armed Forces. The event was a success than.. Read more

National Award for Pavement Preservation – November 2019
The Town received the Federal Highway Administration James B. Sorenson National Award for Excellence in Pavement Preservation. Past recipients include state departments of transportation and large cou.. Read more

2019 Addendum for the Storm Drain Master Plan – November 2019
Town Council accepted the 2019 Addendum to the Storm Drain Master Plan ( A_Storm Drain Master Plan Addendum 2019.p.. Read more

Vote By Mail Campaign
The Town of Moraga and Contra Costa Elections Division encourages you to consider getting your ballot by mail. Receiving your ballot by mail provides you with more flexibility than having to go to you.. Read more

Welcome Raquel Segovia to Planning Department
Raquel Segovia has recently joined the Planning Department as an Administrative Assistant. Raquel will be filling the crucial role as the department’s primary point of public contact, and will b.. Read more

Town Council Protocols - October 2019
The Council adopted a final version of the Town Council Protocols to clarify the roles and responsibilities of the Town Council as a whole and individual Councilmembers. The Protocols establish polici.. Read more

Swearing in of New MYIC Members for 2019-20
Six new members of the Moraga Youth Involvement Committee (MYIC) were sworn in, increasing its membership to 16. The Committee serves as an advisory body to the Town Council on youth and teen issues a.. Read more

Police Town Hall Meetings Recap - October 2019
Thank you to those who attended the recent Moraga Police Department (MPD) Town Hall meetings. This is the first time in the 40-year history of the MPD that they have been held and due to the success w.. Read more

Moraga Way and Canyon Road/Camino Pablo Project Update
Ghilotti Construction Company (Ghilotti) is currently finishing work on Moraga Way including marking permanent traffic striping; installing the bus stop; and reconstructing remaining driveways and sid.. Read more

Code Compliance Issues at 90 Greenfield Drive - October 2019
The Town Council considered and did not adopt a resolution to provide funds to abate the nuisance caused by incomplete construction and related visual blight at the vacant single-family residence at 9.. Read more

CalPERS Unfunded Pension Liability Analysis
Town Council reviewed and accepted the CalPERS Actuarial Analysis June 30, 2018 Valuation report for the Town of Moraga prepared by Bartel Associates. The analysis includes: a comprehensive review and.. Read more

Preparations Avert Disaster – October 2019
Last year’s Camp Fire in Paradise was a wake-up call that provided many lessons. Fortunately for the residents of Moraga, the Moraga Police Department (MPD), Moraga-Orinda Fire District (MOFD), .. Read more

Welcome Mark Summers to Engineering - October 2019
Mark Summers recently joined the Public Works Department as an Associate Civil Engineer. Mark will focus mainly on land development projects and will work on a diverse array of other assignments, incl.. Read more

MCSP Citizens Advisory Committee Completed - October 2019
The fourth and final meeting of the Moraga Center Specific Plan (MCSP) Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) was held on October 1.The MCSP CAC is assisting the Town in crafting the zoning and development.. Read more

MCE's Deep Green Option - October 2019
Town Council considered a Resolution to enroll the Town’s electricity accounts in MCE’s 100 percent renewable “Deep Green” Option as part of ongoing efforts to implement viable.. Read more

Hacienda de las Flores Restaurant Operator RFP – October 2019
Town Council discussed the opportunity to pursue a restaurant at the Hacienda and directed staff to release a Restaurant Operator Request for Proposals (RFP). The pursuit of a restaurant at the Hacien.. Read more