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As news is pertinent to the community at large and available, we will post news items on this page.
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Moraga Way and Canyon Road/Camino Pablo Construction Contract – June 2019
The Public Works Department has completed the bidding process for the Moraga Way and Canyon Road/Camino Pablo Improvements project. The project will: 1) resurface, close sidewalk gap, and improve bicy.. Read more

EBMUD Litigation Update – June 26, 2019
The Town Council previously determined to initiate litigation against EBMUD regarding the landslide on EBMUD-owned property. Following the Council’s decision to initiate litigation, the Town and.. Read more

Drones and Emergencies DO NOT Mix
While drones can be fun to use and produce interesting photos and videos, they can be a hindrance to emergency crews at critical incidents. This past week, someone was flying a drone around the small .. Read more

Moraga Day Camp June 17 thru August 9, 2019
Moraga Day Camp begins Monday, June 17 and runs through August 9. Day campers 5 to 10 years of age are invited to attend. Camp is held in the Casita building at the Hacienda de las Flores and includes.. Read more

Residential Cart "Re-Stickering" Project – June 2019
Republic Services, the Town’s solid waste provider, is conducting a recycle and organics cart “re-stickering” project to replace some lid labels that have faded or peeled. On residen.. Read more

Town to Initiate Litigation Against EBMUD – June 12, 2019
After a special closed session, the Council authorized legal counsel to initiate litigation arising out of the landslides that impacted the Canyon Road bridges due to the fact that continuous discussi.. Read more

Radar Speed Signs – June 2019
Town Council approved a resolution authorizing the purchase of three speed signs that would complement the existing signs used by the Town. New technology will provide the same traffic information to .. Read more

Moraga Road / Alta Mesa Crosswalk Project – June 12, 2019
The Town is scheduled to receive a Transportation Development Act (TDA) Article 3 grant to partially fund the Moraga Road/Alta Mesa Crosswalk improvement project. The crosswalk project includes surfac.. Read more

Moraga Center Specific Plan Implementation Project – June 12, 2019
The Town Council approved a resolution authorizing a contract with Placeworks, Inc., for completion of the Moraga Center Specific Plan (MCSP) Implementation Project. The contract funds technical assis.. Read more

FY 2019/20 Operating Budget – June 12, 2019
Town Council reviewed and discussed the preliminary FY 2019/20 $10.3 million operating budget. Thanks to the scheduled receipt of the $2.65 million Federal reimbursement for the temporary Canyon Road .. Read more

Joint Moraga-Lafayette Surface Seal Project
To increase efficiency and take advantage of low bid unit prices, Town Council authorized staff to increase the scope of the 2019 Joint Moraga-Lafayette Surface Seal project by adding the following FY.. Read more

Proclamation Declaring June as as Pride Month
Town Council presented a proclamation to Campolindo High School SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Alliance) representatives declaring June as Pride month. Many members of the community attended and spoke abo.. Read more

Street Lighting Assessment District
To maintain and continue the street lighting assessment district, the Town is required to conduct an annual levy and collection process. Town Council held a public hearing and approved continuing the .. Read more

Vote By Mail Campaign 2019
Contra Costa County is encouraging all voters to consider signing up to receive their Official Ballot at home, rather than going to a set polling place on Election Day and it’s now easier than e.. Read more

Town Manager Employment Agreement – May 2019
Town Council approved a second amendment to the Town Manager’s employment agreement. The Council stated that their performance evaluation of the Town Manager had been very positive. An Ad Hoc co.. Read more

Rancho Laguna Park Restrooms are Closed – May 2019
The restrooms at Rancho Laguna Park are currently closed while the Town addresses the failure of the pump. The system is being evaluated and may need to be re-designed to incorporate efficient technol.. Read more

Lamorinda School Bus Program
Early bird registration is now open for the Lamorinda School Bus Program (LSBP). Sign up by Friday, June 28 for the best prices! There are so many benefits to riding the bus including: the school bus .. Read more

Jeanette Fritzky Case Study Program
Bob Fritzky, President, Moraga Chamber of Commerce, updated the Town Council on the success of the case study program launched last year. Community business leaders and Saint Mary’s College part.. Read more

FY 2019/20 Capital Improvement Program Budget – May 2019
Prior to bringing the draft Fiscal Year (FY) 2019/20 Operating and Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Budgets to the Town Council for consideration, the draft CIP was brought before the Town Council fo.. Read more

Drive Safely and Slowly
Complaints about drivers violating traffic laws in Moraga are on the rise! The Moraga Police Department (MPD) receives complaints about speeding cars, reckless driving, and crosswalk violations, among.. Read more