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As news is pertinent to the community at large and available, we will post news items on this page.
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Work Order Management System
On February 13, the Town Council authorized an agreement with Civic, LLC to implement and maintain “Mobile Moraga,” a Town work order management system and mobile application. The free App.. Read more

Scammers Targeting Moraga
Scammers are again targeting Moraga residents. Recently, Moraga residents have received scam calls about fake Social Security problems and family members in jail. These scammers can be very convincing.. Read more

PG&E Wildfire Safety Program
PG&E, as a part of their enhanced Community Wildfire Safety Program, is conducting accelerated safety inspections of electric infrastructure in areas at higher risk of wildfire. While Moraga is no.. Read more

Moraga Road Utility Pole Removal Update - February 2019
In 2017, the Moraga Road Underground Utility Conversion project removed overhead electrical and communication systems from Corliss Drive to Devin Drive; however the poles remained in place to date. Th.. Read more

Measure J Biennial Compliance Checklist
On February 27, 2019 the Town Council reviewed the Measure J Compliance Checklist for 2016 - 2017, and authorized submittal of the checklist to the Contra Costa Transportation Authority. The checklist.. Read more

Library Heating Issue
Over the past month patrons have experienced cold temperatures at the Library as Town staff has been working to repair the heating system. After exploring possible causes and making three attempts to .. Read more

Canyon Road Bridge Pedestrian Access Closed
On Wednesday, February 13, EBMUD brought to the Town’s attention that the existing landslide on their property which damaged the original Canyon Road bridge began to move due to heavy rain satur.. Read more

Applications for Grand Jury Sought - Deadline March 22, 2019
The Contra Costa County Superior Court is accepting applications for Civil Grand Jury Service for the Fiscal Year 2019/20 term. The Civil Grand Jury is made up of 19 members who serve for one year, Ju.. Read more

Sales Tax Revenue Update - February 2019
On February 13, the Town Council received a presentation ( A. PowerPoint - Sales Tax Update.pdf) from Thomas Adams, Client Se.. Read more

Town Council Goals for 2019 - Strengthening Trust and Transparency
On February 13, the Town Council revised their goals for 2019 which include maintaining fiscal discipline; enhancing Moraga’s business environment; implementing the Moraga Center Specific Plan; .. Read more

Moraga Police Honor New and Current Officers – February 2019
On February 7, Moraga Police held a ceremony honoring new officers and the promotion of two current officers at the Hacienda. Vice Mayor Kymberleigh Korpus congratulated the officers on behalf of the .. Read more

FY 2018/19 Mid-Year Budget Update - February 2019
Town Council reviewed and accepted the FY 2018/19 Mid-Year Budget during the February 13 Council meeting. Staff outlined minor changes in both revenue and expenditures, noting that the budget was on t.. Read more

Town Council Committee Appointments for 2019
Town Council approved the appointment of the Town Council representatives to the 2019 Committees, Commissions and Boards. See the entire list of appointments on the Town’s website... Read more

Moraga Way and Canyon / Camino Pablo Improvements
In 2017, the Town secured a OneBayArea Grant (OBAG) to augment Measure K funds to: (1) Resurface, close the sidewalk gap, and improve bicycle facilities on Moraga Way from Moraga Road to Ivy Drive; an.. Read more

Canyon Road Bridge Construction Delay - January 2019
A six-month backlog of work at the Caltrans Bridge Structural Review Division has effectively postponed the two-year construction of the Canyon Road Bridge to 2020 and 2021. On a positive note, the ex.. Read more

Art in Public Spaces Committee Charter Updated – January 2019
Town Council amended the Art in Public Spaces Committee Charter to include language allowing a Council or Non-Council appointed liaison to serve on the committee and the removal of a Park Foundation m.. Read more

2018 Crime Statistics for Moraga
The Moraga Police Department (MPD) noted that overall reported crime in Moraga decreased 21% in 2018 when compared to 2017 statistics. However, the numbers are mixed as property related crimes are dow.. Read more

Moraga Chamber of Commerce Update
1. Taco Bell reports all the Town and County permits have been issued and the speed of the remodel is in the hands of the franchisee, hopefully with an opening soon. 2. US Realty Partners (the majo.. Read more

Moraga Center Specific Plan (MCSP)
On January 9, 2019 the Town Council adopted two resolutions concerning the Moraga Center Specific Plan Implementation Project. The first resolution approves the Master Funding Agreement between the Me.. Read more

Wildfire Safety Inspection Program - January 2019
As part of its enhanced wildfire safety efforts, PG&E is conducting detailed and accelerated inspections of transmission towers and poles in areas at higher risk of wildfires. This work is in addi.. Read more