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As news is pertinent to the community at large and available, we will post news items on this page.
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Tri-City Meeting
The Moraga, Orinda, and Lafayette City Councils met on Monday, April 7, for their annual Tri-City meeting hosted by Moraga at Saint Mary’s College. The meeting included a presentation by Stephen.. Read more

Gas Meter Inspections
Recently the Moraga Police Department (MPD) has responded to calls at homes and businesses concerned about possible fraudulent inspectors representing PG&E. MPD’s investigation showed that P.. Read more

Planning Commission Decision on Hetfield Appealed
At their March 3 meeting, the Planning Commission approved a General Development Plan, Vesting Tentative Map, Conditional Use Permit and Hillside Development Permit for Hetfield Estates, a 7-lot singl.. Read more

Hillside and Ridgeline Community Workshop - Wednesday, April 16, 2014
The Town of Moraga invites all residents to participate in a new initiative to improve the Town’s hillside and ridgeline regulations, and announces the first community workshop for the project o.. Read more

2013 Pavement Repair Project Recognition
The League of California Cities and the California State Association of Counties/County Engineers Association of California selected the Town’s 2013 Pavement Repair Project as a top 20 finalist .. Read more

Award-Winning Town Engineering Staff
Prior to working for the Town, Senior Civil Engineer Laurie Sucgang worked for Contra Costa County as the design engineer on the Upper Sand Creek Basin project, a $10 million flood protection and habi.. Read more

Traffic Safety Advisory Committee Discontinued
At the March 12 meeting, the Town Council voted to discontinue the Traffic Safety Advisory Committee (TSAC) due to difficulty in recruiting citizens to serve and relatively few neighborhood Traffic Ac.. Read more

Measure K Oversights Committee Delivers Independent Report
The Measure K Local Sales Tax Oversight Committee completed its 2013 annual independent report on Measure K revenues and expenditures. The Committee made several conclusions including: (1) Measure K r.. Read more

Camino Ricardo Update
At the March 12 meeting, the Town Council adopted an Ordinance approving a Development Agreement (DA) between the Town and SummerHill Homes for the Camino Ricardo subdivision. The DA includes numerous.. Read more

Facilities Subcommittee Identifies Some Potential Projects
The Joint Ad Hoc Facilities Planning Subcommittee met on March 3 to complete the facilities/fields inventory from the Town of Moraga, Moraga School District, Saint Mary’s College (SMC) and Campo.. Read more

Cafe Hacienda Update
At the March 12 meeting, the Town Council accepted the Hacienda Subcommittee’s recommendation to discontinue the operation of Café Hacienda as of April 1, 2014 due to conflicting needs of.. Read more

Lieutenant Jeff Price to Retire
After more than 32 years of service to the Moraga Police Department, Lt. Jeff Price will retire on Friday, March 21. Jeff was hired as a Moraga Police Officer on October 10, 1981 and has risen through.. Read more

Edy Schwartz Honored by Contra Costa Commission fo Women
The Contra Costa Commission for Women will honor Moraga resident Edy Schwartz as one of its 2014 Women’s Hall of Fame Honorees. Edy will be inducted on Thursday, March 20 as one of this year&rsq.. Read more

Campolindo Crosswalk Flashing Beacon Up and Running
During the wind storm in late November, the solar panel on top of the southbound Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon at the crosswalk on Moraga Road at Woodford Drive was blown off and damaged, making i.. Read more

Understanding the Town's Storm Drainage System
There is limited information currently available about the condition of the Town’s storm drainage system including approximately 30 miles of pipeline. Much of the existing storm drainage system .. Read more

Neighborhood Watch
Neighborhood Watch is a program of mutual assistance among neighbors aimed at reducing crime in the community at the grass roots level. It involves getting to know one's neighbors and introducing them.. Read more

Sign Ordinance Revisions
The Town has initiated an update of Municipal Code Chapter 8.88, the sign ordinance, to more closely reflect First Amendment (freedom of speech) content provisions, make the code more user-friendly, a.. Read more

Development Impact Fees Update
At its February 26 meeting, a presentation from Libby Seifel of Seifel Consulting was given to the Town Council regarding the Town’s current process of updating its development impact fee schedu.. Read more

Camino Ricardo Development Agreement Approved
At the February 26 meeting, the Town Council introduced an ordinance to approve a Development Agreement (DA) between the Town and SummerHill Homes, developer of the approved 26-lot Camino Ricardo proj.. Read more

Campolindo Crosswalk Repair
During the wind storm in late November, the solar panel on top of the southbound Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon at the crosswalk on Moraga Road at Woodford Drive was blown off and damaged. The sola.. Read more