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As news is pertinent to the community at large and available, we will post news items on this page.
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Mobile Moraga Available Now! – May 2019
The Town has launched Mobile Moraga which enables citizens to report non-emergency concerns to the Town. The FREE app is now available for download in the App Store and in Google Play. Citizens can al.. Read more

Climate Action Plan Implementation Update – May 2019
The Town Council was given an update on the progress in implementing the goals and strategies of the Town’s Climate Action Plan. After considering recommendations from staff, the Council voted u.. Read more

$2.65 Million FHWA Emergency Relief Reimbursement
The Town’s is scheduled to receive $2.65 million from the Federal Highway Administration Emergency Relief in reimbursement for the temporary Canyon Road bridge project prior to fiscal year end, .. Read more

Master Fee Schedule Approved – Effective July 2019
As part of the annual budget process, the Town Council adopted a resolution to authorize updates to the Town’s Master Fee Schedule. The FY 2019/20 updated Master Fee Schedule lists all the fees .. Read more

Fire Prevention Presentation by MOFD Chief – May 2019
Chief Winnacker provided information on the Moraga-Orinda Fire District’s (MOFD) efforts to mitigate wildland fire risk which included information on high severity zones; history on major past f.. Read more

FY 2019/20 Operating and Capital Improvement Program Budgets – May 2019
Following the mid-year budget review and the development of the Town goals and priorities in January, the Town Council and staff began the process of developing the operating and capital budgets for F.. Read more

Welcome New Assistant Engineer, Sharon Chan – April 2019
Sharon Chan has joined the Public Works team to fill the Assistant Engineer position that has been vacant since June 2018. She recently worked for BKF Engineers as a Project Engineer and has been work.. Read more

Update on Sinkhole at 398 Rheem Boulevard – April 26, 2019
On April 19, the Shopping Center property owner inspected the 96-inch Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP) storm drain culvert and discovered that a 20-feet section of CMP under the sinkhole was offset which w.. Read more

Mobile Moraga to Launch Soon - April 2019
Town Services will soon be at your fingertips! Mobile Moraga, the Town’s mobile “see-fix-click” application, is scheduled to launch at the end of April. The free app will be availabl.. Read more

Library HVAC Repaired! – April 2019
The HVAC system at the Moraga Library is now functioning following three months without heat or air conditioning. In February, the Town Council approved funding to replace the existing boiler at the M.. Read more

Employee Compensation Established – Effective July 2019
The Town Council voted to approve the negotiated labor contracts of the Department Directors, Mid-Managers, Moraga Employees Association and the Moraga Police Officers Association. The new contracts w.. Read more

Council Appreciation of Past Committee Members - April 2019
The Town Council honored the Town’s former Treasurer Bradley Ward for his six years of service, along with Bob Foxall, Kevin Gregory, and Grant Tormey who served on the Design Review Board, and .. Read more

Canyon Road Bridge Update and Amend NV5 Contract - April 2019
On April 5, 2019, Caltrans Highway Bridge Program approved the Town’s request to reprogram the project’s construction funding to Federal Fiscal Year 2018/19, enabling the Town to begin con.. Read more

Appointment of Town Treasurer - April 2019
The Town Council voted unanimously to confirm the Audit and Finance Committee’s (AFC) selection of Robert Kennedy as Town Treasurer for a term of two years. Robert Kennedy is an original member .. Read more

Small Cell Wireless Facilities Ordinance
The Town Council voted unanimously to waive the second reading and adopt an ordinance amending Moraga Municipal Code Chapter 8.144 establishing development standards, procedures, and aesthetic criteri.. Read more

Proclamation Supporting the 2020 Census
Town Council presented a proclamation “Recognizing the Importance of the 2020 U.S. Census” to Dom Pruett, from Supervisor Andersen’s office. This recognizes that a complete and accur.. Read more

Lamorinda Trails Challenge - May to October 2019
Hit the Trails! The Lamorinda Trails Challenge invites everyone to explore local trails and do something good for your body and mind. The Trails Challenge is free, designed for all fitness levels and .. Read more

Summer Recreation Jobs - 2019
The Town of Moraga is currently recruiting for Summer Recreation leaders to work at Moraga Day Camp. Moraga Day Camp activities are planned around a different theme each week, including a field trip! .. Read more

Update on Storm Drains Operations and Maintenance Program - April 2019
The Fiscal Year 2018/19 budget included $170,000 to fund the start-up of a storm drain Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Program. Staff provided an update on the implementation of the O&M Progr.. Read more

Update on Los Encinos Subdivision
On April 8, 2019, the Planning Commission considered an application seeking amendments to the vesting tentative map and hillside development permit conditions of approval, revisions to grading design,.. Read more