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As news is pertinent to the community at large and available, we will post news items on this page.
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CCTA Transportation Measure Request for Endorsement – October 2019
Town Council adopted a Resolution urging the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors to place a one-half of one percent countywide transportation sales tax measure on the March 3, 2020 ballot to fund.. Read more

Have You Signed Up for the Community Warning System?
Fall in the Bay Area brings an increased risk of wildland fires, one of which could threaten Moraga. In an emergency, both Police and Fire agencies will primarily be using the Community Warning System.. Read more

Rheem Theatre Addition Project Update - September 2019
The new owners of the Rheem Theatre have submitted an application to the Planning Department for a 4,113 square-foot addition at the rear of the building and various modifications to the parking on th.. Read more

Keep Your Recyclables Empty, Clean and Dry!
RecycleSmart is asking for your help. Even though recycling goes through a complex process to sort and separate out all non-recyclables and contamination, inevitably some non-recyclables slip through... Read more

Implementation of Geographic Information System (GIS)
The Council received a presentation on the GIS project that is now live on the Town’s website. The GIS Mapping Tool provides the community valuable information on properties, flood zones, scenic.. Read more

Change in PG&E Power Shutoff Schedule – October 9, 2019
The Town of Moraga has confirmed that PG&E will be shutting down electrical power in Moraga, Orinda and Lafayette beginning Wednesday at 8:00 pm. Note that this is a change from the earlier inform.. Read more

Town Manager's Spending Limit Ordinance - September 2019
The Council adopted an Ordinance to amend the Moraga Municipal Code, Section 3.04.30 - Contract Authority of the Town Manager to increase the Town Manager’s purchasing limit from $15,000 to $25,.. Read more

Moraga Way and Canyon Road/Camino Pablo Project Update - September 2019
Over the weekend of September 7 and 8, Ghilotti Construction Company placed approximately 7,000,000 lbs. of asphalt pavement and Moraga Way received its final pavement surface composed of rubberized a.. Read more

Commercial Zoning Code Amendments Ordinance - September 2019
The Council adopted an Ordinance to amend several sections of the Town’s Zoning Code to simplify the process for new commercial businesses attempting to locate in Moraga. The amendments simplify.. Read more

Cattle Grazing on Mulholland Ridge Open Space - September 2019
The Council approved extending the existing Cattle Grazing Agreement with John Hoover for an additional five years. The extension to the Right of Entry and License Agreement reduces fire fuels and mit.. Read more

2019 Surface Seal Paving Project Update - September 2019
The Town’s contractor, VSS completed the resurfacing of 28 streets this summer and when combined with the Moraga Way project, amounted to resurfacing 10% of the street network. Starting next wee.. Read more

Art Party Classes for Preschoolers - September 19 thru December 2019
Art Party is a special experience designed for kids two to five years of age! Each class is carefully crafted around a special theme providing young children the opportunity to explore and create age-.. Read more

Outdoor Supply Hardware – August 2019
A new business is planning to open before the holidays in the old OSH location, Outdoor Supply Hardware. Specifically named to be familiar, the new OSH will also offer a large assortment of hardware, .. Read more

Moraga Way and Canyon Road/Camino Pablo Project Update – August 2019
The project is on schedule to complete the major construction components by the end of September. The Moraga Way traffic signals will continue to operate on fixed signal timing until the new traffic d.. Read more

Moraga Library Roof Restoration – August 2019
A section of the Moraga Library roof is in poor shape and requires restoration to prevent water damage to the building. Three quotes were obtained with the lowest bid in an amount of $27,980 from Wate.. Read more

Contra Costa Local Government Leadership Academy - August 2019
The Town’s Accountant, Yuliya Elbo, recently graduated from the Contra Costa Local Government Leadership Academy. The goals of the Leadership Academy are to create a cost-effective personnel dev.. Read more

Contra Costa County Elections Photo Contest thru September 30, 2019
The Contra Costa Elections Division office is holding its third biannual photo contest and the grand prize winner will be featured on the cover of the March 2020 Voter Information Guide, which goes ou.. Read more

Community Notice Regarding Alleged Embezzlement of MCF Funds – September 9, 2019
On Friday, September 6, 2019, the Moraga Police Department and Federal agents served search warrants at the home and business of F. Robert Fritzky in connection with an embezzlement investigation. Ear.. Read more

BART Repairs Between Orinda and Walnut Creek BART Stations – September and October 2019
BART is making extensive repairs and upgrades to the track between Orinda and Walnut Creek stations on most weekends through October, including some upcoming full weekend closures with bus bridges. Us.. Read more

AFC Independent Report of Town's Operating Expenses – August 2019
Town Council reviewed and accepted the Audit and Finance Committee’s Independent Report on the review of the Town’s Non-Personnel Operating Expenditures. The report highlights recommendati.. Read more