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As news is pertinent to the community at large and available, we will post news items on this page.
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Mayors Welcome and Volunteer Appreciation Event
Thanks to all who attended the Mayor’s Welcome and Volunteer Appreciation event on Tuesday, February 10. The Moraga Country Club hosted and provided delicious food and wine for all attendees. Ma.. Read more

Moraga Staff Appreciated for a "Can Do" Spirit
Unlike all the other ‘average’ communities in the country, Moraga, being ‘exceptional’ in every way, outdid itself once again. Service groups, nonprofits, the Chamber of Commer.. Read more

Chickens (Small Farm Animals) Ordinance to Be Developed
Town Council gave direction for staff to develop new regulations that would make it easier for Moraga residents to keep chickens and other small livestock. Many local communities have adopted similar .. Read more

Two Study Sessions Continue
Due to the lengthy agenda, the Town Council continued two items originally scheduled for January 28 as follows: • Issues and Scope of the Hillsides and Ridgelines Project was continued to the .. Read more

Town Council Selects Goals for 2015
On Thursday, January 22, the Town Council hosted a community goal setting workshop for the new year. After Mayor Wykle and the Town Council discussed proposed goals and received input from about 40 at.. Read more

Council Approves Mid-Year Adjustments to FY 2014-15 Budget
On January 28, the Town Council reviewed budget-to-actual figures for the current fiscal year 2014/15. The budget is a working financial plan for the year based on estimated revenues and expenditures... Read more

Canyon Bridge Replacement Update
On Tuesday, January 20, area residents, trail users, and bicyclists attended an informational community meeting about the Canyon Bridge Replacement project. Attendees learned about its impacts during .. Read more

Moraga Library Bathroom Project
At a Moraga Library Community meeting on Tuesday, January 13, Dougherty & Dougherty Architects presented design plans to renovate the public library restrooms. With construction costs higher than .. Read more

Joint Town Council and Moraga School Board Meeting
The Town Council and the Moraga School District Board met on January 20 to discuss local sports fields, community recreational needs, K-8 school facility needs, and potential joint venture improvement.. Read more

Park and Recreation Commission Update
On January 27, the Park and Recreation Commission received two presentations: one on conceptual plans for potential renovations to the 9.6 acre Hacienda de las Flores property, and the other a recomme.. Read more

Housing Element Update
On January 28, the Town Council adopted the 2015-2023 Housing Element and related amendments to the “Definitions” section of the General Plan. The document is now ready for the State Depar.. Read more

Historic Preservation Ordinance
On January 14, the Town Council introduced an ordinance to add Chapter 8.176, Historic Preservation, to the Moraga Municipal Code. The ordinance includes definitions, procedures and criteria for nomin.. Read more

Crime Continues Downward Trend in 2014
The Moraga Police Department (MPD) reports overall crime in Moraga continued to decrease in 2014 with thanks to residents and businesses for their vigilance in security awareness. The following repres.. Read more

Storm Drain Master Plan
A presentation was made at the January 14 Town Council meeting to provide an update on the Storm Drain Master Plan (SDMP) project. To date, the project has mapped the Town’s storm drain system a.. Read more

Moraga Police Department Honors Police Officers
On December 12, at the Moraga Police Department (MPD) holiday party, two members were presented special awards for their excellence in 2014. Acting Corporal Tyler Olson was named Officer of the Year a.. Read more

Financial Audit for Year Ended June 2014 Completed
The Town's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for the year ended June 30, 2014 was completed on time before December 31 and was received by the Town Council at its meeting on January 14. The.. Read more

Town Reserve Policy Updated
At its meeting on January 14, the Town Council targeted a General Purpose Fund reserve policy of 50% of annual expenditures. In addition, as a mechanism to set aside needed funds for the expected repl.. Read more

Livable Moraga Road
On January 14, Town Council considered the Town Advisory Committee (TAC) recommendation for the Livable Moraga Road project’s overall corridor concept and short- and long-term configurations for.. Read more

Planning Items on January 28, 2015 Town Council Meeting
On January 28, several Planning-related items will be considered by the Town Council: • Appeal of the Planning Commission approval of the Conceptual Development Plan (CDP) for the 36-unit Mora.. Read more

Top 10 Reasons to Appreciate Moraga
We wish all Moraga residents, business owners, and visitors the happiest of seasons and hope everyone is able to share good times with family and friends. As we look forward to a productive, prosperou.. Read more