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As news is pertinent to the community at large and available, we will post news items on this page.
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Moraga Commons Park Site Specific Master Plan
Town Council requested that the Moraga Commons Park Site Specific Master Plan be brought back for adoption after the first of next year. Council asked the consultant to include additional details and .. Read more

Rheem Boulevard Landslide Repair and Repaving Schedule
Due to scheduling issues, contractor availability, and weather, the scheduled opening of Rheem Boulevard has been delayed once again, this time until January 20, 2017. The delays in opening the roadwa.. Read more

CalPERS Unfunded Pension Liability
Town Council received a presentation outlining potential steps the Town could take to pay down its $3.6 million unfunded pension liability. The Council directed staff to work with the Audit and Financ.. Read more

Hacienda Conceptual Feasibility Study
Town Council accepted the Hacienda de las Flores Conceptual Plan Study as presented by Gould Evans. Community outreach, spanning over a 12-month period, resulted in a phased conceptual plan proposal (.. Read more

St.Mary's Road Double Roundabouts
Addressing safety and congestion issues on St. Mary’s Road at the Rheem Boulevard and Bollinger Canyon Road intersections have consistently been a priority for the community and Town Council. A .. Read more

Storm Drain Funding Feasibility Study
Another 2016 Town Council Goal is to develop a sustainable funding strategy to ensure Town assets and infrastructure, such as buildings, storm drains, parks and other facilities, can be maintained int.. Read more

Update on PG&E Closure Around Sinkhole
Prior information from PG&E has been changed, with a new start date of today, November 14, for gas repair work in the intersection of Rheem Boulevard and Center Street. The gas line will be perman.. Read more

EBMUD Water Meter at West Commons Park
The Town Council authorized an agreement with EBMUD to purchase a water meter for the newest public park in Moraga. The Town must pay for the water meter up-front, but the agreement states that if the.. Read more

Storm Drain Repair on Scofield Drive
A 36 inch diameter storm drain Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP) within a Town easement at 271 Scofield Drive has forty feet of corroded invert damage. Town Council approved a construction contract to repai.. Read more

Saint Mary's College Intramural Field Lights
The Town Council voted unanimously to allow Saint Mary’s College to continue operating its intramural field lights to 10 p.m., based on a one-year review of compliance with lighting and noise co.. Read more

Walk/Bike Master Plan Update Adopted
The Town Council unanimously adopted the Moraga Walk | Bike and Wayfinding Plan. The Walk | Bike Plan ( outlines a 15-year work .. Read more

Temporary Signage During Sinkhole-Related Impacts
Town Council approved an extension of previously authorized measures to allow for additional commercial signage during sinkhole-related closures of Rheem Boulevard. The approvals allow the Town to ins.. Read more

Hillside and Ridgeline Project Update
The Planning Commission is conducting an ongoing series of public study sessions to review draft amendments to the Town’s Hillside and Ridgeline regulations, developed through an extensive two-y.. Read more

Ordinance Amending Stormwater Regulations
The Municipal Regional Stormwater Permit (MRP 2.0) was re-issued by the Regional Water Quality Control Board and became effective on January 1, 2016. To ensure full compliance with MRP 2.0, the Town C.. Read more

Upcoming Detours at the Rheem Blvd./Center St. Intersection
PG&E will be performing gas line repair work in the intersection of Rheem Boulevard and Center Street beginning on November 7. The gas line will be permanently rerouted in preparation for, and to .. Read more

Appointment of Town Manager, Police Chief and Lieutenant
After serving eight months in the Interim position, Chief of Police Bob Priebe was appointed to Town Manager on September 28 by the Town Council with a unanimous vote. Bob officially ended his 38-year.. Read more

Independent Audit of Town Finances Nearing Completion
On Friday, September 30, the Town’s independent auditors, Maze and Associates, concluded their second site visit to review Town financial records. Over the next few weeks, the auditors will be c.. Read more

Culvert Repair on Rheem Boulevard at St. Mary's Road
A three foot diameter hole was discovered 15 to 20 feet off of Rheem Boulevard, in an unpaved area, near the St. Mary’s Road intersection. A video inspection revealed that an existing 15 foot de.. Read more

Personal Safety
The recent robbery in Orinda is a stark reminder that each person must safeguard themselves. The best defense is to be aware of your surroundings at all times and trust your instincts. If you are bein.. Read more

All Access Playground Project
Town Council authorized $45,000 to conduct the necessary environmental and engineering work for a potential All Access Playground in the Moraga Commons Park. Moraga Rotary will continue their fundrais.. Read more