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As news is pertinent to the community at large and available, we will post news items on this page.
To report a news item contact us. To see the archive of the Town of Moraga’s bi-weekly newsletter, About Town, visit the About Town Newsletter page.

Dangerous Crosswalk Violations
A pedestrian was recently struck and injured by a vehicle in a crosswalk on Moraga Road. Town Council also heard complaints about drivers not obeying the direction of school crossing guards and descri.. Read more

Firearms Safety
Firearms safety is everyone’s responsibility. All firearms should be safely stored in locked containers or with gun locks and should not be accessible to children. Children should be taught not .. Read more

Upcoming Road Openings and Closures in the Town of Moraga
The Town of Moraga will be reopening Rheem Boulevard between Moraga Road and St. Mary's Road by the end of the month, and closing Moraga Road between Corliss Drive and St. Mary's Road on the first Sat.. Read more

Local Sales Tax Oversight Committee Annual Report
Based upon a review of 84% of Measure K receipts, the Local Sales Tax Oversight Committee’s FY 2015/16 Annual Report to the Town affirmed that Measure K funds were properly tracked, reported and.. Read more

Rain, Rain, Rain!
Moraga tends to get some of the greatest precipitation amounts in all of Contra Costa County, and this year has been no exception. The County-operated rain gauge indicates that Moraga has received ove.. Read more

Ordinance Amending Medical Marijuana Regulations
The Council opened a public hearing to consider an ordinance amending the Town’s existing regulations for Medical Marijuana (Cannabis), to address the recent Statewide legalization of recreation.. Read more

Lamorinda All Access Playground
Moraga Rotary has embarked on a fundraising campaign to raise over $260,000 for Lamorinda’s first and only all-abilities playground, to be located in the Moraga Commons Park, and has already rai.. Read more

Moraga Park Foundation Grant for Commons Park Topographic Survey
Town Council honored the Moraga Park Foundation for their continued dedication to improving Moraga parks and accepted a $22,000 grant from the Park Foundation for the Town to complete a topographic st.. Read more

Ordinance for Focused Zoning Code Amendments
The Council opened a public hearing to consider a series of proposed minor zoning code amendments, including improvements to the existing regulations for non-conforming uses and structures, reorga.. Read more

Augusta Drive Landslide Letter Submitted to EBMUD
In response to EBMUD’s notification that the Lafayette-Moraga Regional Trail will be closed at least two more years, the Town finalized a letter to EBMUD (https://townofmoraga.worldsecuresystems.. Read more

2016 Campolindo Varsity Volleyball Team Honored
The 2016 Campolindo Girls Varsity Volleyball Team won their seventh consecutive Diablo Athletic League title and was ranked No. 29 in California by MaxPreps. The team dominated their opponents, won th.. Read more

2016 Campolindo Varsity Cross Country Teams Honored
At the February 8 Town Council meeting, members of the Campolindo High School Girls and Boys Varsity Cross Country Teams were honored for their athletic accomplishments during the 2016 season. Each wo.. Read more

Support Letters for Transporation Funding Package
Town Council will submit letters of support to Assemblymember Jim Frazier and Senator Jim Beall urging their support for additional transportation funding for State and Local Streets and Roads. The tr.. Read more

Moraga Crime Down in 2016
The Moraga Police Department (MPD) reports overall crime in Moraga decreased 28.6% in 2016, primarily due to a drop in the reported number of property crimes. The following is a comparison of Moraga c.. Read more

Moraga Town Staff Appreciated by the Community
On February 7, Town staff attended a celebration of appreciation at the Hacienda de las Flores. The event was hosted by the Moraga Citizens Network (MCN) and included local citizens representing the M.. Read more

Mid-Year Budget Review
Town Council reviewed the status of the Town budget for the first half of the fiscal year (through December 31, 2016). Overall revenues and expenses are on target and minor adjustments to the General .. Read more

Firearms Safety
Firearms safety is a priority for our community and is a shared responsibility. Please insure that your firearms are safely stored in a locked container or with a gun lock and are not accessible to ch.. Read more

Augusta Drive Landslide Update
Town Council received a report on Town staff’s response to the March 2016 landslide below Augusta Drive, took comments from East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) representatives regarding .. Read more

Maintain your Storm Drain Facilities!
To ensure efficient water flow through the Town’s storm drain system, it is essential that property owners maintain storm drains, gutters, creeks and ditches that run through their properties an.. Read more

Rheem Boulevard Sinkhole Update
(March 1, 2017) The winterization work on the 96-inch storm drain pipe under the sinkhole is still performing well. Periodic inspections of the pipe are made when conditions allow. The surface wor.. Read more